An Excellent (Moderately priced) tube integrated for QLN prestige 3 Speakers

Hi everybody wishing all of you a beautiful peaceful qweekend. Here's my question: I have been running around in circles looking for a moderately priced ( under $4,000) integrated for my QLN speakers. Used is ok, but  please - please no recommendations UNLESS you have actually heard your recommended  amp with the QLN's. I currently own a good integrated solid state amp and I plan to keep, so if I ever decide to go back to Maggies,  I will be able to drive them with a high current amp.  Right now I live in very small house and the listening area is 11 X 15 feet with an 9 foot ceiling. The room is moderately treated with all the usual plants and wall treatments. I guess I just have the itch to try a good tube integrated so that I can fool around with tube rolling. I am looking to increase the sound stage width and depth and if possible an increase  in holographic imaging. (I know every audiophiles dream).  Associated gear: really good Holo Spring DAC/Jays Transport, great cables, MG Audio/ Synergistic/Wireworld and a great SOTA turntable with a wonderful arm. (  A plus would be an included phono stage with the integrated).  I appreciate anyone who might have a few integrated amp suggestions for me. Thank all of you for your time and help with my request.

Blessings Charlie 


My friend has the same speakers as yours and drove them with Audio Hungary Qualiton a50i. He was very happy with them. They usually go in the used market between $4000-4500. I owned one too and can say that it’s amongst some of the best you can buy in that price range. 

+1 on the Qualition if you can find one used.  Line Magnetic is a high-value amp manufacturer that also gets great reviews.  There’s also this nice Audio Research VSi-75 integrated.  All image/soundstage very well.  You won’t find many users here running QLN Prestige 3 speakers with a tube integrated so just thought I’d throw out a few good options to look into. Best of luck.

@char2 - Wish I’d seen your post earlier! 

I also have the QLN Prestige Three speakers. I don’t see myself ever wanting to upgrade them, as I love them so much. 

I have used the Qualiton Integrated with them with good results. I did eventually end up going with Qualiton’s 100 watt power amp along with a Linear Tube Audio preamp which has been by far the best pairing with the QLN speakers. 

Did you end up pulling the trigger on the Qualiton amp? Or did you go in a different direction? 


Thanks for the amp tip. I am still using my Kinki integrated with the staccato opamps hooked up to the QLN3's. I love those speakers. And all my friends who have listened to them keep asking me to sell them to.... of course ...them

I keep thinking about the Qualiton amp with the 150 tubes.....but I am trying to get off the equipment merry go round. Easier said than done🤣