An effective but daring ? CDP

OK, I admit to being more than a little crazy and slightly daring, when it comes to squeezing every possible ounce of sound out of my system.

Maybe a few other "nuts" like me out there have already done this, but who knows.

We've all heard (and used?) CDP lens cleaners, but applying some Auric "Illuminator" to my CDs got me thinking...

Yep, what about using it on a CD lens?

OK, so I wasn't crazy enough to try it on my Audio Aero Capitole, right off, so I first tried it on my venerable Panasonic portable CD player -- OK so far, actually seemed to even improve the sound a little.

Next I went to be "2nd system" Rotel 965BX, again, no harm, and in this instance, I'm pretty darn sure I could hear an improvement.

OK, so on to the big rig. I got out my brass ones and went for it -- DEFINITELY an improvement. Smoother, more detailed, better image outlines, well er, you get the idea.

My process:

WORDS OF CAUTION -- MODERATION is the key word here. Don't go slatherin' a big glob 'o Auric (or Walker Vivid) all over your lens, then get mad at me cause you ruined your $10k transport!

I first cleaned the lens with 70% isopropol alchohol with a new, fresh Q-tip (dip one end, "flick" the majority of the alchohol off, then clean with one end, "dry" with the other. Should only be slighty wet, don't soak it!

I then applied a VERY SMALL DOT of Auric, again, on a Q-tip, and dabed most of it off with another Q-tip, then applied THIS minuscule amount in a circlular motion, cleaning and then "buffing" with the other clean, dry end of the Q-tip.

Got it? Well, try it and see (hear) if you get the same positve results.

Again, don't even attempt if your not comfortable poking around the innerds of your beloved CD player, and don't throw rocks (or flames!) at me if you break anything!

But, with a careful, steady hand, and JUDICIOUS amounts of the above mentioned fluids and gels, you should be fine.

Good listening everyone!