An audiophile in Tokyo, where the audio/LP stores

What are some good audiophile stores to check out or find some great japanese pressed LPs. Hard to figure this out over the internet so far.

I have a day to kill in tokyo. Would love to mainly checkout some shindo, koetsu or esoteric gear or maybe brands that are hard to find in the states.
Don't miss Accuphase, you'll save tone if bought from there. Our beloved distributers and dealers have HUGE markup on those.
As to japanese pressed LPs, I'm not impressed by most of them for some reason. I get fatigue listening to those due to excessive mid-trebble 2...3kHz boost.
UK and Italian pressings are much better. On the other hand they're popular and you can always sell them even with profit.
Wonder what the markup on shindo is ?

Dunno if I have to go through the hassle of voltage change for accuphase. I know with Esoteric (K-03) I do not have to.
You can find Shindo in the US. The importer is in NYC. I know you won't find it in every audio store, but it shouldn't be too much trouble to find a dealer if you can get to a major city.
I was just wondering whats the markup on Shindo gear in the US is. Is it as atrocious as Luxman or Shelter, or more reasonable.

I know a dealer in LA, 6 hours drive from SF (where I live).
Pretty much the first rule of any business is that you never tell anyone what you pay for something. Ever. You make something up if you have to. Any info that turns up on what Shindo's markup is, will almost certainly be false.

What difference does it make anyway? Shindo's not entry level gear. If you are going to be buying at that level, you need to be able to judge if their prices are in line compared to the same level of equipment from other brands. If you can't do that, for whatever reason, hold off.
Isn't Tone Audio in San Francisco a Shindo dealer? essrand, I think there is a Shindo dealer in your backyard!