An Audiogon based system


Just wondering if anyone (like me) has built a complete system with purchases totally from Audiogon...?

I just recently completed my system and I think, for the money, is sweet music to my ears. So it would be interesting to hear your experiences and what sort of system you have built with purchases from Audiogon!

As for my system, these are the components;

Sony X3000ES CD player
Audionote DAC Zero
Audionote M-One pre
Monarchy SM-70 Monoblocks
Magnepan MMG speakers
Soniclink and Jinsanity silver interconnect cables
Eichmann solid core speaker cables

Total cost - $2,800

If there are any questions on any of the components or sound, just shoot and I will gladly answer them!


Nice system, I'll bet it sounds very good. I would say the the bigger part of the forum membership do build their systems (or at least most of it) from components bought at Audiogon....I know I do.

Bel Canto S300iu and Sequerra Met 7.7 MK VI, both bought here.
Yep, me, too. With a son in college and parents in assisted living, I could not afford any of what I have if I bought it new.
The only way to go. MSRP (who pays that?) on my equipment is $13,000+. Cost me around $3,600. Some of it is in new condition, some not so new, but all functioning perfect.
Yeah, I agree that using Audiogon is a great way to put together a system. I believe that I have put every piece of my system together using Audiogon, (speakers, amps, preamp, turntable, tonearm, cartridge, cdp, tuner, & cabling), with the exception of my stands, (which were bought from a local dealer who was blowing them out as Demo pieces). I would say that I put together my system for about 40% of MSRP, and most of it was, at most, a couple of years old, or in the case of my speakers, brand new, still sealed in the boxes.
Sony X3000ES CD player (and the X5000 too) has to be one of the coolest looking components. It is a piece of visual eye candy. The user selectable digital filter is a nice option. I have one in my second system, used as transport in to a modified Museatex Bitstream. No, it isn't a Forsell, but I love this little guy.

Almost a complete Audiogon system. My CD player, my preamp, my turntable, and all of the cables were purchased through Audiogon. With the exception of a few tubes and my amp which was bought used, but purchased directly through the manufacturer, everything I own has been siphoned off of Audiogon. Pretty amazing, if you think about it. As much as I grumble about the classified fees (and particularly the editing procedures that happen within the forum), I actually owe a lot to Audiogon.
My whole system with the exception of my speakers were bought here.
Almost 2 complete systems bought on Agon.And love them.
I got to Audition over 30 pair of speakers and 10 amplifiers etc. Could not do that if purchased new and not able to sell to recover some of the costs. Audiogon does offer a very useful service to us Audioholics!
Same here i bought a Modwright Sony CD player and all my Cardas inter connects and power cables and The anti-cable speaker cables here. I did buy my Tice Power Block's locally to save on shipping though. I'm so thankful I stumbled onto this website,it truely has rewarded me with knowledge about this hobby and has stretched my purchasing dollar. Also I have bought music recommended in the Music discussion forum with mixed results but still it has opened many vistas in my listening tastes.
The majority of my system is Audiogon purchaces -

Jolida SJ-502A tube integrated amp - $550
AQ CV6 w/DBS speaker wire - $100
Madisound speakers - S250
NAD C542 CDP - $250

Total - $1150

The only things I've bought new was speakers stands, and AQ Diamondback ICs and a quartet of powertubes (Tung-sol 6550) and a couple pairs of NOS 12AX7 and 12AT7 to play around with. Granted it's a modest system, but if I had to buy new, I still would be listening to my old consumer grade Onkyo/Boston Acoustic set-up, so Audiogon has definely allowed me to step-up to a higher level of listening enjoyment, and when you're semi-retired and on a fixed income, that certainly is appreciated.
Nice post. It would have not been possible if not for this site and it's great members to put together my first hi-end system. Most of my system was put together (used of course) through here with the exception of a few things:

B&W Matrix 802 Series III-Bought off here from Florida
B&W Matrix HTM-Bought off here from Texas
Sound Ancor Stands off here from Massachusettes
JPS Labs Golden Flutes from audioweb
Tara Labs Wire and interconnect From a local dealer here
Adcom GFP-750 Pre-amp off here from Illinois
Ead Theatermaster Signature Pre/Pro/Dac off here from NJ
Ead Powermaster 2000 Amp off here from California
2 Synergistic Master Coupler ac cords-1 from here other

2 Sony Dvp-s7700 transports/dvd player both from ebay
Hsu-122HO Sub from ebay
Dynaco tubed cd player impulse buy off ebay
Anthony Gallo Due speakers impulse buy from auction here
Slim Devices Modded Squeezebox 2 off here

Wow...Thats a lot lol. Don't want to add this up! Thanks to here i saved lots of money and put together a system that makes me enjoy many countless am listening sessions. Along the way as a bonus we get to meet to good people that understand why we throw our money into this crazy hobby. In the end all this equipment disappears and what were left only music.