An audio system for a district office $8.000


I work in a district office. My district office am about to get an audio system for classical music.

Room size is W37'X D50'X H15'. Budget for it is $8,000. We need cd player,integrated amplifier or separate amplifiers and a pair of speakers. We want an audio system for classical music and new products.

I make a request for it.
I would keep the transaction simple and get a complete system from either of these two companies:


Each company offers quality equipment at reasonable prices,will answer your questions honestly,and will stand behind their products.
Pragmatist,thanks for input. It is much helpful to me.
What do you think of the combination of the Primare D30.2,the Primare A30.1 and the B&W 703's. I am considering it.

Are the B&W 703's powered successfully in the room by the Primare A30.1? And are they too small in the room?

It is an audio system for inhabitants. The room is a classical music listening room. Sound quality is important. Loudness level need middle. The speakers will be located in front.

Are there any other choices?
I'm so lost by this thread.
PLEASE give more details.

Inhabitants? is this a zoo or prison or something?
are they employees? or full time residents of this building?

What type of district is this? what type of company?
if you have a lot of people crammed in cubicles in your
W37'X D50'X H15'room then I might suggest one thing, but if its 2 guys sitting at desks on one end then maybe something else might be more appropriate.
For that size I would go with an in celling system and a Bryston Zone amplifier.

You can get some very high quality in celing speakers such as Totems.

For the source it depends what you want. Whether that be a good CD player or you could get away with a computer and a good quality DA converter. With the right software on the computer anyone the office can control everything from their desk via thier web browser. It works at our office.

I am assumig this is for non criticatcal listoning I would go with a multi zone integrated amp By Russsound or Parasound. Mate this with in wall mounted speakers. Try JBL. Since I assmu you don't want to keep getting out of your seat to change CD's. that means a cd caruosel by sony or pioneer. If you have any money leftover your cd carousel can benfit from an outboard dac.
Yhe beauty of a multi zone system is that everyone can hear without there being a hot psot. You might also consider suspending some gallo acoustics round speaker from the sealing to prevent deadspots in the middle of the room.
Thank you all for your replies. They are much helpful to me.
when do we get an update on your choice?