An audio rack that really does make a difference.

Looking on spending up to $3000. on a rack for my system. I’m currently using a older Billy bags tri-point with cracked glass shelves. Would like to get a four post stand so it becomes more stable than the three post Billy Bags. Looking for something that will take it to the next level without taking my pocket book along with it. I’ve looked at Solid Tech and Adonis. 
Thanks Mike
I should have added my Mapleshade stand improved the sound of my system.  
Mike B.
If I were to replace my current console it would be a Timbernation.A friend has one and I really like the look and quality.

Solid Tech:

Rack of Silence - Reference 4!  ONLY way to go!

The fact is most rooms are far from ideal listening rooms, so compromise rules the day

I have a decades old vertical Solid Steel vertical rack, but have long wanted to replace it with a horizontal rack, but quality racks are $$$$! Recently, I moved mine  ~ 4ft back, very close to the front wall. That helped a ton. Moving the speakers well out in front of the rack helped quite a bit, too

As to how much any rack interferes with the imaging might be offset by the extreme high price of either high quality speaker cables, or interconnects. AND, if the rack is to be placed along a sidewall, what about side wall reflections?

One inexpensive tweak that really works is/are Machina Dynamica Springs under everything