Going in the REL subwoofer (Brittania) download brochure for the B serie i see that the fusee of the sub is a Semi Delay 3.15A for the B-1 and the B-2.

So my question is if i want to put an HIFI TUNING FUSE should i put a SLOW BLOW or a FAST BLOW ???
The B-3 and B-2 use the same 3.15A fuse. The B-1 is different, it uses a 5A.

I have a B-3 and I use the HiFi Tuning 3.15A slow blow. It works no problem and offers little. I noticed a little better definition and resolution. Nothing startling.
where do you get these HiFi fuses from? mine just blew...
The Cable Company in New Hope, PA. They do mail order as well. Give them a call...