An Angstrom 100 As A DAC?

The only thing I know about the Angstrom 100 is that it was designed by audio genius Mike Moffat of Theta fame, and that the Angstrom brand was widley recognized as high quality merchandise "back in the day." Can it be used as a stand-alone DAC, and if so, does anyone have an opinion as to it's efficacy in decoding a digital signal. I have have read that it's a good two channel preamplifier as well. I care only about digital to analog conversion and stereo preamplifier capabilties, not surround sound processing.
As for the ancillaries; Adcom GCD-700; Creek OBH-11; Sennheiser HD-580. It's almost all headphone listening now, listening to now "classic rock and pop", Boston, Gin Blossoms,Extreme, etc. If you have, thank you for reading this.
I have both Angstrom processors, the 100 and the 200. Both are excellent dacs and preamps. I got my 100 for $200. If you can get one in this price range you can't go wrong. I have another dac costing $2000, but prefer the Angstrom. Even with it's age, it will compete with many of the newer dacs
I have an Angstrom 100 if you're stil interested