An amp to drive Thiel CS3.7's?

Looking for a good SS amp for my very difficult to drive Thiel 3.7s. I think a good dual mono could do the job. I was thinking Ayre V-5XE, MarkLevinson532H, ClasseCA2300, Bryston4BSST2. The ML is a bit expensive and would probably be stretching my budget. Anybody have experience with the Thiel CS3.7? Any commendations in the 5-8k price range? The sound has to be very smooth and round. No aggressive stuff please.Thanks for the feedback.

I might also consider buying something pre-owned. A Krell 302E was offered to me near the price range I'm looking at but I have no idea if it would match my taste! Some recommendations also include Conrad Johnson 350A. This is all very confusing!
The ML 532H can sometimes be found here used in the $5K range. It is smooth and not especially dynamic.

Another possibility in the under $10K 300 wpc class is the Plinius SB-301. Had one in my system for a year. I found it to offer the smoothness of the ML but with superior dynamics.
I'd start with Krell and Pass.
I recommend asking your local dealer about the
monoblocks, they have 80Wpc and 240wpc in
bridged mode. They have a very smooth sound, not fatiguing
or harsh.
Krell and Conrad Johnson are sonic matches.
A friend drives his with Parasound JC-1's and it seems a great match to me.
On the integrated amp side of things;
Anthem 225 will drive the CS 3.7 very nicely. I want to read more opinions
from the likes of Pass Labs, B.A.T. and Conrad Johnson integrated amp owners.
You didn't mention a budget. New or used. 


A friend of mine drives his 3.7's with a ARC Ref 110 tube amp and they sound fantastic with plenty of drive and bass. Plus he may sell the ARC due to downsizing. Honestly if I could afford the amp I would buy it in a heartbeat.  One of the better sounding amps I have heard along with his Ref 3 preamp.  
ARC does make incredible pre-amps, no doubt.
Go with Unsound. Krell & Pass, or any amp that will double down.