an amp to drive DQ-10?

I love my DQ-10. with all the speakers I heard, I cannot get rid of this speaker. Also What kind of modifications needed for better sound? I know the tweeter is weak. Any help?
i owned dq-10s, dahlquist has been taken over by REGNAR, your gonna pay thru the nose for any replacement parts.

are yours with or without tweeter protection fuses,regnar has the kit to add the tweeter fuses as they constantly blow tweeters without the fuses, they also have new x-overs which are a must,either have your old x-overs rebuilt or buy new ones, either way the improvement will be huge.

the cheapest upgrades you can do to the 10's are to get the rest of the package which includes a passive bass speaker & a passive x-over, there is a bass speaker with crossover listed right now on audiogon for reference.

i ran mine with many amps from several manufacturers & found the best performance to be with powerfull hi current amps.

i was like you with my 10's, i really liked the sound so i tried alot of different amps,without a doubt carver amps were the worst,carver & dahlquist are not a good match at all.

if you plan to get the sub & crossover then you will need at least 300 watts to make it all sing, i had the complete set up & used a mcintosh mc2300 & also a mcintosh mc300 at seperate times, both big amps produced stellar results.

theese speakers are very easily over driven so i would reccomend that if you dont run mac amps to atleast run amps with a soft clip feature beacuse the first time you clip you will loose a tweeter.

the 10's are a very nice sounding speaker but REGNAR DAHLQUIST wants sooooo much for replacement parts that i choose to sell them.

you should be able to get the sub & x-over cheap, less than 100$ for the x-over & around 200$ for the sub either here or on ebay.

good luck.

Used to own these babies way back. Weak in the bass, of course, but midrange to die for. At least back then. I had the speakers in one of the enclosures, phase aligned. Also, had microfarrit capacitors installed in each speaker. Don't know how to tweak the high end, but that is certainly a weakness as well. Personally, I think you can do much better, now, in speakerdom, but they were, in their time, a great speaker. I drove mine with a Bryston 4B and an Audio Reseach SP5 preamp.
I could never give my DQ-10's up. Don't worry about Warrenh's comments. (I think he's a bass peddler). Joking Warren.
The most major improvement to mine was to change the crossover capacitors to the Regnars. Best bang for the buck upgrade out of all of them. By doing that everything got better and my 125w per side Rotel now acheives serious uncluttered low end. Good luck and write anytime for other ideas.