An act of audio love

In the last 4 days, I calculated that in terms of moving from a home to a truck back into a home I would have lifted (w/help from a friend) over 1880 lbs of speakers. Thanks to Audiogon, I traded Duntech Black Knights for BW 801s S2s, then sold the 801s 3 days later, bought Michael Green Chameleons. My neighbors think I am running a casket company out of my house, but I am happy.

enjoy the music

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Why not it's an audiofiles addiction,beats using drugs and alcohol.Cheers.
Derrick-If there was an award for most creative and captivating thread titles I think you'd be the winner! My god where do you get these ideas from! I agree I would still have friends if I didn't abuse them all of the time :) help me move this here, grab that and lets go over here with it, and the infamous GET THE F*CK OFF MY SPEAKERS, it really bothers me when someone decides to lean on my speakers, there are thousands of other places to lean why there?
Tim, you are NO fun. I bet you even "tarp" your gear when making "home movies" : )

Just look at it this way Derrick, it's good exercise. If you keep this up, you might be able to give Jack LaLane a run for his money when he's 102 : ) Sean
You need to find lighter things to tweak other than your speakers. How about your AMPS!!!:^)