Amy Winehouse.RIP

Passed away today in London.
Such a talent with sadly many demons.
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We all have our own demons. You don't solve it with drugs...and a Narcissistic me myself and only I problem. And then wonder why they have an early demise.
The big picture here is we were created to live on this planet forever without sin/sickness/ death. Death is man's greatest enemy. The Prince of Peace destroyed death when He planted His seed in death and rose from
The grips of death on the third day.

When this planet is restored back to perfection when the Master purifies it with fire all those who have His seed are allowed back on it to live forever in perfect peace/ righteousness/joy.

Those who refuse His seed and die with the corrupted seed they were born with go to the eternal trash heap. No RIP there.
The corrupted seed hates Christ. Rejects HIm. Laughs at Him. Books and doctrines have been written that steal His glory in creation and steals His glory in His very existence.

The corrupted seed has been passed to all from Adam and Adam received from Lucifer who hated Christ from the very beginning. You who scorn at the good news from above are a reflection of your father Lucifer, thinking, acting and speaking like him.

Enough for now lest I cast my perils before swine. There is enough in my writings to feed the hungry/ thirsty soul.
Disrespecting a tragedy is pathetic. Might as well hold your religious extremist signs at the funeral of soldiers.
Preaching from a black heart makes me sick. Your condemnations dressed in comic book imagery are steeped in self-gratification. Moronic.
This thread was to show respect, you show you have no understanding of what the word means. A sad pathetic little man clutches his Book, lashes out. Perverting the words he does not understand.