Amy Winehouse.RIP

Passed away today in London.
Such a talent with sadly many demons.
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A complete fool at best.
Sad, only 27. To bad she died before most of us had ever heard of her?...........maybe she'll hit the big time now like a few others did?Dave
RIP - A seriously talented vocalist with overwhelming demons. We all loose...
Reckless lifestyle and terrible choices led to this predictable outcome, it is genuinely sad, do people ever learn?
Wow, a membership to "Club 27". Although not a fan, Club 27 does not need any new members.
The impervious self image of youth. Hopefully some will learn from her example.
She had genuine raw talent in her writing and performance. Very sad, especially if this is a case of addiction taking another life. I have always thought it is a matter personal responsibility. After having lost friends, I see that addiction is much more than a matter of will power.

This is a human being with family and loved ones, a tragedy. I don't understand why someone (above) would be compelled to take the time to post something tasteless, thoughtless and cruel.
Blkadr, "why someone (above) would be compelled to take the time to post something tasteless, thoughtless and cruel." Because that someone IS tasteless, thoughtless and cruel. Same goes for the similar posters in the other Amy RIP thread. Maybe if their son or daughter had problems like Amy they would be more understanding. I always thought being a music lover implied the capacity for compassion, understanding, and other admirable traits. Maybe those guys are just equipment lovers.
Tasteless, thoughtless and cruel is a sign of the times in which we live. It is even reflected in our political discourse, "Throw grandma off the train, because we need her SS money, and taxes mean we can't buy a new yacht"
"A complete fool at best"

Surely you don't mean this Glory, it was an impulsive response, right? Have you never been touched by loss of a loved one in such a tragic manner or even under normal circumstances? If not you have been truly blessed and maybe it makes us better understand your lack of empathy which if true is a sad testament about you. Personally I don't believe you really meant what you posted in the way it came across to the rest.

We should all be sad as human beings that this type of tragedy repeats itself everyday. When we see the life of a young person that is widely known snuffed out so prematurely, it reminds us all of our own personal losses and ask, "if only.....

orifice oops I mean Orpheus,
I do not want to throw Grandma off the train, because we need her SS money. I want to throw you in front of the train because you have your hand in my pocket! Grandma deserves her SS money you do not.
Orpheous, you need to brush up on your current affairs if you want to discuss them publicly. No one is suggesting making changes to Social Security for any one 55 or older, so granny is not in danger, the Social Security pyramid scheme is though.

The best way to stop the massive tragedy of drug addiction would be to secure our border with Mexico and start eradicating poppies in Afghanistan. That would be difficult, but it might actually help avoid tragedies like Amy's.
"The best way to stop the massive tragedy of drug addiction would be to secure our border with Mexico and start eradicating poppies in Afghanistan."

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The ONLY way to stop the tragedy of drug addiction is to STOP DEMAND, EDUCATION, EDUCATION EDUCATION is where the resources need to be emphasised and spent! Supply is always driven by demand other than introduction of a new product. Why is this so difficult for some to understand? Sorry for going off topic and the deep end but this particular topic is a pet peeve of mine when I hear this argument.

Roundhouse, I wouldn't get close enough to touch you or your empty pocket.

Other dude,

Social Security didn't create the deficit, but America's seniors are being presented with a fake Social Security crisis to try to trick them into accepting reduced benefits. Social Security will be able to pay 100% of its benefits through 2037 without any changes whatsoever.

So, why the panic today? If seniors accept cuts to Social Security benefits today, a surplus cash flow will build in the Social Security trust fund. According to the Congressional Research Service, "Social Security's cash surpluses are borrowed by the U.S. Treasury and can be used for tax cuts, spending or repaying debt."

Social Security benefit cuts are increasing taxes paid to Social Security or extending retirement age will give more money for tax cuts spending or repaying the debt. Except for one thing: Social Security money belongs to those who have paid into the fund, it's not the government's money to use it; it shouldn't be the government's money to play with.

Senior citizens should not have to accept a reduced standard of living to finance tax cuts for the rich. We must take a stand for senior citizens and protect Social Security and protect future generations from this raid on Social Security's funds.

Thanks for the political talking points.

And this involves Amy Winehouse how?
Tubegroover, I fully agree on education .. if it is allowed to be taught. I feel education begins in the home. Qualification testing for those to have/adopt children.

Danlib1, this trolly jumped the tracks way back somewhere and I'm still on it.
It would have been nice if this subject was treated as an
obituary to Ms Winehouse, as in 'kind words', and not some crap about poppy fields or SS claimants.
Amy was 27 years old. How does that relate to social Security? Orpheus & Glory need some self examination.
It's not really off the rails to point out that people are making cruel and thoughtless remarks, and that it is a sign of our times.

The obvious way to keep people from self-medicating is to make these medical decisions legal and, well, medical. When the medical profession stops pushing the latest magic pill just because the drug company is providing some kickbacks (as well as a very sexy sales rep) and starts offering better service in this area, people like Amy Winehouse will have a better idea of just what it is they need, instead of shopping around blindly for some relief.

It is a complicated issue that is not going to be resolved overnight, specially by those that seem to enjoy dancing on graves.
Orifice oops I mean Orpeous, You do not know what I have in my pockets and I could buy and sell you for cheap. Your stupidity shows with your responses. I have received numerous emails today about how dumb you are. The best quote of the day is "He is dumber than granite" I will spare the audiogon member who said it.
We all have our own demons. You don't solve it with drugs...and a Narcissistic me myself and only I problem. And then wonder why they have an early demise.
My freind sorry to say, your`re way off on this one.

Amy is responsible for her tragic life and sad outcome. Blaming society,drug companies and the medical profession won`t change the facts.Millions of people have far less resources than she did yet they manage to finds ways to cope with the many obstacles we face in life.

No peace for the wicked. Sorry. She is not in restful sleep. Offended? You should be.
Just a spoiled rotten, marginally talented, crack head with a bunch of nasty tatoos. I just hope some poor teen didn't think she was "cool" and try to idolize her.

Get over it people.
Sorry boys and girls that is MO. You are over on the other side what you were here when you die. Die with the corrupted seed you were born with then you will reap corruption.Tormented here tormented there.

To deep for many but nevertheless there is no transformation taking place as many hope for when planting a corrupted seed. To rest in peace when passing means you have met the Prince of Peace here in the now. Having met Him you receive an incorruptible seed that reaps everlasting life when planted in death.

Oh boy do I have friends now.

My prayers are for the family members as they tried in vain to help her.
Her behavior really turned me off so I did not know her music very well. When I did hear it, ( I didn't know who was singing ) I was very impressed. I would have really liked to have heard her perform clean and sobber. TheSoundHouse, are you really a commercial user? I haven't seen such insults at potential customers to this degree since our old friend the audio pimp was around. Your not him are you?
Oh Glory,

Sorry, I misjudged you. May you live and die in your peace and righteousness. My prayers are for her troubled soul as well as her family and those who truly cared for her.

May this thread die as well.
The big picture here is we were created to live on this planet forever without sin/sickness/ death. Death is man's greatest enemy. The Prince of Peace destroyed death when He planted His seed in death and rose from
The grips of death on the third day.

When this planet is restored back to perfection when the Master purifies it with fire all those who have His seed are allowed back on it to live forever in perfect peace/ righteousness/joy.

Those who refuse His seed and die with the corrupted seed they were born with go to the eternal trash heap. No RIP there.
The corrupted seed hates Christ. Rejects HIm. Laughs at Him. Books and doctrines have been written that steal His glory in creation and steals His glory in His very existence.

The corrupted seed has been passed to all from Adam and Adam received from Lucifer who hated Christ from the very beginning. You who scorn at the good news from above are a reflection of your father Lucifer, thinking, acting and speaking like him.

Enough for now lest I cast my perils before swine. There is enough in my writings to feed the hungry/ thirsty soul.
Disrespecting a tragedy is pathetic. Might as well hold your religious extremist signs at the funeral of soldiers.
Preaching from a black heart makes me sick. Your condemnations dressed in comic book imagery are steeped in self-gratification. Moronic.
This thread was to show respect, you show you have no understanding of what the word means. A sad pathetic little man clutches his Book, lashes out. Perverting the words he does not understand.
Religious leanings aside, not all deaths merit respect. Since each of us will die, I think the respect due, if any, is for the way you lived- not the fact that the inevitable- death- took you.

Winehouse had some talent, and she was clearly an addict. But she bears ultimate responsibility for her own demise.
>>07-24-11: Thesoundhouse
The best quote of the day is "He is dumber than granite" I will spare the audiogon member who said it.<<

Actually that is an insult to all granite, unmined or finished.

Yes there is objective truth and Glory has spoken it . His ideas are not his own but express the word of God . Let the word of God be true and every man a liar . Those that have the son ( Christ Jesus ) have life ; those that do not have the son do not have life . All are dead in trespasses and sins until Christ is received . The corrupted seed hates this message , and hates Christ the Godman and Savior .
This thread has gotten completely out of hand. Where are the moderators when we need them.
What is incredible is that she obviously had severe mental health problems and everyone knew about it, and yet no one could change the course she was on. Lots of talented people in this category.
The tragedy is not that she died the tragedy is that we chose to ignore and disregard the problems.
o jeezuz, now we have holy rollers in hi fi
thank you swampwalker!!!!!!
one thing i think folks don't appreciate about addicts, which i do (i've walked that way a while) is that the same flame that lights creativity burns on alcohol & drugs...its just an all consuming flame that some have, and they burn themselves out. sad. but by the same token, the consuming flame gives rise to fleeting, beautiful brilliance. just look at the 27 crowd who died too soon. amazing artists. they just start burning themselves out, and first the creativity is burnt out, leaving only the alcohol / drugs to be burnt, and then the body is burnt out.

is it worth it, to possess such creative brilliance with such a tragic existence, dead at 27? i wont venture a guess, beyond the following:

1) a little less on the secret sauce would've been overcome with more hard work in the studio

2) Glory is part of Christianity 2.0, you know, the version where you don't really read the words of Christ before articulating that you alone know what He wants, and all others follow or be damned and condemned by His servants on earth (again, not reading that bible about 'judge not, less ye be judged').

Lord, save me from your followers while i walk this planet.

RIP Amy.
Yeah...I guess the moderators took the weekend off...I was looking forward to a lot more years of Amy, as she was an actually INTERESTING musician with character and soul and originality...rare in a cookie cutter mass marketed music world. Damn...
07-24-11: Dan5
Just a spoiled rotten, marginally talented.

Was nominated, and won quite a few awards for as you say
'marginally talented' old fruit.
There would be far fewer tragedies like this if the media, and the music and film executives enforced a drug policy like most every other business does. Instead, the greedy SOB’s look the other way promoting individuals with obvious addictions portraying the addiction as a sign of glamour and genius. I have a policy of not supporting artists that are known addicts.
"Beware of practising your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven."

"So whenever you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be praised by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward."

Seems as though there might be distinguished precedent for the thought that audio boards are not an appropriate place for public displays of religiosity. I wonder if others share my impressions.


Her music express more sensitivity and humanity than many of the above comments.

It is sad news, but not completely unexpected. At one point bookies were taking bets on who would self destruct first -- Winehouse, Lohan or Spears. It is not enough to just watch someone burn out, the smartest guys in the room are going to figure out how to make a dollar. Just put some bleachers out in the sun...
Christ and his doctrine is not a religion. No one comes to the Father but by/through Him.

Crucify Him for He has made Himself out to be the Son of God.

No music in the trash heap. No instruments to be played there.

The stereotype thoughts on who I am are funny. Oh the expressions of the corrupted seed. The same old same old reaction to the message of the Redeemer. Nothing new under the sun.

What you fail to understand is that this is an audio forum, not a place to extoll your religious beliefs. This thread is about a young woman that died tragically admittedly through her reckless, self-destructive behavior. Why do you feel so compelled to sit in judgement? Why can't you keep your personal religious comments out of this thread? Enough is enough, let it go. Your hell fire and brimstone rhetoric has no place here. If you want to reach folks in such a manner, find a forum that welcomes it. I can assure you it is not welcome here!
Three step possess:
1) Read Bible
2) Select isolated passages
3) Use them as weapons

The Bible is a collection of books. Many of the original texts were rejected at one time or another. Each book is copied by scribes. After these stages of filtering, the books are subject to translation, a dubious business at best. People are then taught according to the interpretations of different sects, and the personal interpretation of the teacher. The teachings received today have been distilled through many filters. It fascinates me.

People are free to believe whatever they choose. When you take an opportunity to be unnecessarily cruel, it shows a lack of character, no matter how right you might think you are. And no matter what belief system you have chosen. It is easy to detect the pleasure you derive from your condemnations. This reveals an impure motive. It is not I who suggest that you "humble yourself".

Perhaps you follow that popular philosophy "what would Jesus do?". I submit this is flawed. If Jesus is "the Son of God" or "the Living God", how would we presume to act as He would? A better question might be "what would Jesus have me do?". I seriously doubt the answer would be "cruelty in the face of tragidy".
For Glory's sake, I hope G-d indeed values righteousness over compassion.
nothing ruins a party quicker then a religious zealot. they are right and anyone who doesn't "believe" as they do is wrong. we watch horrible things being done daily in the name of god. we ask, why? would someone carry out such actions?.

truth is...more atrocities have been carried out in the name of god then any other "reason". it's ironic and sad but it is human kinds MO. that's what we have done since the dawn of our "civilized existence". ever sadder...we're really good at it.

so how did/do people get to the point of carrying out such atrocities??. simple....we tolerate they're hateful speech until it progresses, unchallenged to the point of taking horrific action. people like Glory are the roots of such hate and intolerance. they are allowed the spew their venom until it progresses/spreads to the unthinkable. the people we see cutting off heads in the middle east and shooting young people on an island in Norway all have one thing in common. they all started with hateful, judgmental speech. folks like Glory are only a few small steps away from such things....and it's a slippery slope.

Glory, thank you for rearing your ugly head and shitting all over everyone with different beliefs. maybe you could form a group here on a-gon??. "the christian hi-fi'ers" or something like that??. down the could protest non believers in the music community/industry and push for their removal. if that doesn't work....the next "logical step" is.....(read above).

Glory...i wouldn't be so sure that this is how "god" wants you to act. come REAL judgement day, you'll be less disappointed when he sends you packing.