Amy Winehouse - Lioness

I must admit that I always dismissed her mostly because of her antics and drug problems, but I after I got this album, I feel quite differently about her. She manages to make even long-standing standards interesting and engaging, and her voice is quite amazing. On some of the songs she sounds strikingly like Ella, and in general exerts an astonishing command of her voice with no effort.

I felt virtually no emotion after her premature demise, aside from the perhaps typical sadness at the news of someone passing so young. However, now I feel we actually lost a great talent that probably never fully bloomed.

If you've been on the fence about Amy Winehouse, get this album; for the low price of under $20 it's a steal. If you're a fan, it's an absolute must.
Yeah she was a genuine talent, as I too only realizes after her passing.
You are correct. She was truly an amazing artist. I picked up Back to Black the week it was released because I heard a review of it on NPR. My wife and I were floored the first time we played it. The entire album from beginning to end took me back to another place in time. That's the album that launched her career. Her first release 'Frank' is awesome as well. I haven't heard Lioness so I'll pick it up based on your recommendation.

The media can destroy a career. Just based on your comments I can see her fan base could have been much larger had she not been seen staggering all over the place in the tabloids constantly. Now that you know how truly amazing she was as an artist at least you can remember her that way now.
I'm with you. Her passing was the loss of a great voice. Too many just don't know it.
"On some of the songs she sounds strikingly like Ella,"

Surely you jest!!

Ella had one of the great voices of all time, regardless of musical genre. And she often dressed like a housewife. Check out several of her cd covers. Esp the ones with Louis. The point is, the more outrageous the personal appearance, the less talent there is.
"the more outrageous the personal appearance, the less talent there is."
Well said, if your aim was silly over-generalization.
No, I don't jest. I said she sounds like Ella on certain songs, not that her voice is as great as Ella's. There is a difference. And honestly, as a huge classic jazz fan, and female jazz singers, I often find myself bored by Ella's signing, and can't take more than a few numbers in succession, as great as Ella was. Guess what, I was not bored listening to this record, from beginning to end. I think your comment about talent is misplaced.
The great American soprano, Beverly Sills, said that Ella had the most perfect voice she had ever heard. I defer to Ms Sills' judgement. Whatever you think of Winehouse is valid. I was just shocked at seeing ANYONE compared to Ella. I probaly over reacted. I am flogging myself with a wet noodle as we speak. :)
There is a UK box set of Amy Winehouse that I spotted at FNAC in Belgium and it contains a number of bonus tracks as well as 'Frank' and 'Back in Black'. AS far as making comparisons and I'm not saying that anyone is making comparisons but a gift is a gift, some people will get it more so than others. With regards to her self-destruction, alcohol is the cure for alcoholism and she knew that she was killing herself but the disease kept telling her that she could still drink.
A great talent that is missed. RIP
you can only hold her,
my favor song, I am glad i recognized her talent while she was alive, i was able to separate the demons that we all carry at some point and in different ways from the artist.
she was not Ella but she was a memorable voice for years to come, love her music.
To fast to mature with the fame and tabloids.....
I heard and interview with Tony Bennett about her shortly after she passed. He said she was about the best jazz singer he'd ever worked with..which is a fairly large statement from TB.