Amy Winehouse

23rd July 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead at her north London home, she was 27. The troubled singer had a long battle with drink and drugs which overshadowed her recent musical career. Listen to Amy Winehouse talking about Back To Black and her love of 60's music here:

Very talented girl. Would have loved for her to still be around and share her talent and live a happy life.    Very tragic.  
Seems that every generation loses a number of it's best/most interesting artists at a young age. The angels that propel them to greatness are accompanied by demons who haunt their souls. Is there a relationship between the two? Amy was the best of her generation.
You could hear the soul in her singing when she was on her game for sure and not so much when she was not.   A very stark contrast. The things that elevate people to greatness can be very fragile things.  
If you like her sound be sure to check out the artists on Daptone Records, especially Sharon Jones. The Dap-Kings perform on Amy Winehouse's album, Back to Black (itself recorded at the Daptone recording studio), and the band toured with her in 2007. 
Although, I like Amy's music and am saddened by her tragedy, many felt that her success was another "culture ripoff" ala Pat Boone. Sharon Jones made an interesting comment once paraphrased to "Some people study soul music and then try to sing it; I just open my mouth and soul music comes out". 
My take is just enjoy it all....cheers,
I am a huuuge Sharon and Amy fan. In the same vane on the Daptone label, Charles "The Screaming Eagle of Soul" Bradley is worth checking out as well as the jazz-funk-rock Budos Band.
Saw Sharon & the Dap Kings last week.  Very, very entertaining.  They stole the show from the headliners.

Amy is Amy.  I wish there was more.
Yeah, for anybody just dipping a toe into this genre, Daptone Gold is a great sampler featuring many of the labels' bands. Cheers,