AMR with Dynaudio?

Oh sonic wizards I have a question for you:
How do you think an AMR AM 77.1 would mate with my Dynaudio Confidence 3's?
I really do enjoy.the Plinius/Klyne combo I have driving them now, but feel like the AMR digital source is the best I have heard. So, maybe their amp would more than double my fun?

And, I am always thinking less boxes is better. The AM 77.1 would have obvious synergy with it's stall mate, but would it mate well with and drive the particular my need for their bottom end to be pushed as I have no space for a subwoofer.

I would hate to go down the wrong rabbit hole ending up in a new warren reinventing my sonic world trying to wedge the AMR into place when it just really doesn't fit well.... Watership (Upside)Down! We've all done that before and since I have been waiting patiently for months for my AMR DP 777 SE to be released and arrive, I don't want to extend that waiting period for my system to be firing on all cylinders.

Thank you for your wise counsel!
I browsed the 6moons review and came away with the impression that the AMR integrated would be a nice match with your Dyn 3's. The build quality looks impeccable and I like the hybrid element which lends to the possibility of tweaking the sound thru tube rolling. The review compared it to a higher power push-pull tube amp and AMR said the amp was designed to drive speakers of low to mid efficiency. I also like the look of this amp and the allure of going to a one box solution vs. separates is always appealing, unless it's at the expense of sound quality.

However, I'm a proponent of tube amps, so I'd try a tube amp first, even though your Dyn's are not very efficient... thinking maybe a Cary 120? If that does not work, then I'd try the AMR integrated.

BTW, I'm very impressed & envious with the aesthetics of your system... great looking console and speaker stands. Well done!
Thanks for the post, Pdreher. I really all the info I could find on it and thought it might be a little bass shy. Otherwose, knowing their build quality and attention to detail and sonics, I have no doubt its a great sounding piece of gear.

I had an Ayon integrated and the heat was too much. Had to get out of the kitchen! But, I am a fan of Cary and AES gear having owned several preamps of theirs....6sn7's can really give a big beautiful sonic experience.

For a number of reasons, I am pretty much confined to solid state gear, but am always looking for a tubelike sound or a hybird of sorts. Other amps that have caught my eye are the Moscode 402 and the Gamut D 200 series. They actually seem to read like a better fit to me....but the AMR is very sweet and I am familiar with their sound and approach and like them both.

The DP777SE that is heading my way can also directly drive an, it could serve as a direct source and eliminate extra boxes as well. I am loathe to part with my Klyne, though. It is the nicest solid state preamp I have heard but a good my system, etc.

And, thanks for the compliment! I was lucky enough to pick up a bunch of myrtlewood plynths and mount inserts for the footers for the platforms. I also cannabilzed some earlier speaker stands for their uprights, damped them and filled them with sand so they are super stable and sonically rich from the wood.

The consol is an old walnut sideboard that I cut the legs off and damped onto the floor. Pretty solid and heavy and vibration proof....I agree it all makes for nice comforable/luxurious eye candy. Thanks again for that.