AMR new product - PH-77 phono stage

I was browsing the news section of 6moons and a couple of other reviews sites - Enjoy The Music, etc - and came across AMR's newest product, the PH-77 phono stage.

It is sure laden with great and useful features, especially the 22 RIAA curves. I have quite a bit of Columbia LPs, and sometimes am wondering whether I am listening it in the way that the recording engineer wants us to listen.

Anyway, look forward to hearing from anyway who has/will listen to this latest product. Am looking for a new phono, so eager to hear opinions on this one

For those of you interested, pls browse my system under Analog Heaven (2 words) ... thanks
Looks like a winner to me.
I own the AMR CD-77 & think it's the best redbook CD player on the planet.
If the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - The PH-77 will do for analogue what the CD-77 has done for digital.
I have a lot of newfound respect for Abbingdon Music Research.
Something wrong here. Analogue in digital form? The unit is all 'chips'. Silly. Paying $10,000 for a digital pre to play LP's is not a good value. A $300 software program together with a high end sound card running on your computer can do the same thing. What they are selling is a computer in the form of a component, and the final software to the higher bit rate is not available yet.
Consider that an excellent tube pre with the most of the curves can be purchased in the VAS 1. If you are into LP's you must stay in the analogue/tube world to get the best sound. Digital analogue? Sounds like an oxymoron.

Buconero, you are way off. The AMR CD 77 has discreet analog everything except for the DAC which is of course a chip.

The Phono stage is all discreet components and an impressive all NOS tube output stage. A chip in an device such as this can be used for many different non audio related duties such as powering the display.

I agree with Pladin the CD 77 is one of the finest sounding CD players on the planet and can be easily compared with much more expensive players for $20k and above, the CD 77 sounds like analog if the phono stage is as good AMR will have another true reference product on their hands.
It's unethical and professional, even for a third rate dealer like oracle, to endorse a product in his line without a disclosure.

What's up doc?
PH-77 vs ARC Reference 2 phono will be a great dog fight.
Hi all

Thks to everyone who commented, but is there anyone out there who has actually listened to the unit ?

Thks in advance
Anyone heard this unit yet??
I was very excited to hear this unit and auditioned in two different and unfamiliar systems at RMAF. Quite frankly it was disappointing in both systems. I will withhold final judgment unless I can demo in my system but as of yet, one is not available for demo.

I am intrigued by the multiple equalizations curves because I own a number of older mono LPs.