AMR LS-77 full range monitors

Hi All, I've just ordered myself a AMR AM-77 and a CD-777 and I'm thinking of ordering the LS-77's too. I'm currently running a pair of ML SL3 and I'm not expecting them to sound very flash with the the AM-77. Previously I had a pair of avantgarde duos and a yamamoto A-08s and while I like the ML's ( run by a Plinius SA250 ), I'd like to go more in the direction of the speed, accuracy and imaging that the Duos used to give me ( well I thought so anyway ). So my question is has anone got any real world experience of the AMR LS-77 . I've read as many of the reviews as I can find on the web and it sounds like a move in the right direction but It'd be good to hear some user thoughts. Thanks everyone and all the best for the festive season.
Well, I've ordered some now so I'll post my findings at the end of Jan when I've had time to have a play. please still comment if anyone has any comments, thanks all.
The LS-77's arrived today gleaming in their individual aluminium flight cases they are the titanium colour which matches the amp exactly. First impressions :-

1. They are bigger than I thought. read HUGE for stand mounts. heavy at 35kg each.

2. The metal cabinets and baffles look amazing. Impressive and sculptural.

3. What the hell am I going to mount these speakers on that will match their phenominal build quality. I'm going to try and cast some concrete stands this weekend.

I'll post some listening impressions as soon as I've had a chance to run them in 100hr or so using the test cd supplied.

More news as I have it.

Nice system you have. I have heard the AMR CD777 and I think it is one of the best CD players in it's class. But AMR is a "bit" to expensive for my wallet.
Hi Mordante, I set the speakers up briefly as soon as I got them (I couldn't resist it) on a wooden shelf with a window behind and they seemed very bright. Perhaps not surprising given where I placed them. They are running in as I type. Only 40hrs to go and I'll set everything up properly and post my thoughts. I was lucky enough to get an exceptional deal on the Am-77 the cd777 and the ls-77s otherwise I'd not have been buying them either. Thanks for your comments.
Before this thread I didn't know AMR made speakers. So I looked them up. They are realy good looking. If I was looking for speaker in the €10,000-€15,000 range I would defently add these to my wish list. But if you want send me a pair for a long term review.
Congratulations on your new speakers!! I see they go down to 26Hz! Man, the bass must be thunderous. How do the highs sound?, as I have never listened to this type of tweeter. Is the retail price $8500 for the pair?
On a Dutch website the list price is €12,900.
For the purpose of clarification, the speakers retail for $13,500 the pair.
Dealer disclaimer.
Hi all, thanks for your comments. I've still not set the speakers up properly yet. At the moment they are sitting on oak cones about 250mm off the floor on a concrete hearth. I've run them in for the reccommended 100hrs at -12db on the AM-77 ( mono signal, white noise with speakers facing each other to cancel out the noise).

My impression is that they are still fairly bright with not a lot of bass. They have smoothed out somewhat and they are doing somethings extraorinarilly well. My room is huge about 90sqm so perhaps the bass is getting a little lost. It still remains to be seen, when I've eventually set them up, how they work in my room. Consensus is that they will take around 500hrs of playing to really settle down. The speakers are like works of art in their own right so I'm prepared to bare with them, they have had some great reviews and I'm hoping things improve more.

Having said all that I'm very much enjoying them now and they've certainly taken me where I wanted to go.... a more " detailed " presentation than the martin logans I was using. Thanks for your interest. I'll let you know how I go.

FYI local rrp is over 20k New Zealand Dollars
Borg - as a long-time fan of standmounts, I can tell you that the stand is absolutely crucial to the sound of the speaker, especially the bass response. Don't even think about evaluating them when haphazardly placed on various shelves in your home. Ask your dealer or AMR which stands they recommend and purchase a pair or something similar. Otherwise, IMO, you've wasted your money.
Thanks Chayro. I agree with you....
I've been talking to my local dealer and the AMR techy guys( AMR are great to deal with ) and they've been advising me of speaker stands that would suit. They've reccommended a pair of partington superdreadnaughts filled with two part epoxy resin, impregnated with steel ball bearings. they also advised that the poured concrete approach should work very well. I'm enjoying making the stands, but if they dont work very well I'll end up importing a pair of the AMR reccomended option. Partington stands are not available in NZ. I am committed to getting the best out of the speakers they are fabulous things. Even getting them at the corrcet hight will make a big difference I'm sure. Thanks for your comments.