AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC

Has anyone compared these two?

The Ensemble pairing is considerably more expensive
Yes, standby whenever it is not in use. Small amount of current except in the tube stage, so that it sounds it's best within minutes of turn on.

If you mean a slight sticking when you go to slide it open;
yes, I have noticed that also. Believe it to be that a very slight vacum is created in the chamber... but just guessing.

And on mine... I can not close the drawer completely; to the point it touches the front, I have to stop just a bit shy, but that may be a quirk of my machine. (If I do, it reads that the door is open)
I now have my CD77 now in titanium,no sticking drawer when warm

BTW the output caps are now Audyn rather than MCap

Your door should not stick, in fact it sounds like your door censor may have come loose and is effecting your ability to close the door or read its position properly. It could have happened in shipping or it could be several other things but it shouldn't be doing that.

Why don't you call your dealer or Avatar Acoustics, the distributor as I'm sure they will work with you to correct the problem.

Avatar's web-site address is and you can get the contact information there if you can't get this resolved with your dealer.

I'm not sure who your dealer is and you should go there first but Darren and Bonnie at Avatar are great people to work with too if you can't get it resolved by your dealer.
Appreciate the input Jjurzec, but I way over stated that. It is more like a very slight resistance when I go to slide the door open and does seem to be a slight vacum affect; it is barely noticeable and is only on rare occasion. Certainly not an issue for me. The censor is intact. I actually did speak with Darren and knowledgeable as he is, he immediately suggested the cause and a simple solution. Even though it doesn't bother me in the least, he was concerned about it.
Ludimagis you should have your player looked at, a piece costing so much should not have such issues and who knows what this could lead to next.