AMR CD-77 vs. Ayon CD-5 as DAC/USB & CD5 preamp

Do any of you have any experience with either the AMR CD-77 or the Ayon CD-5 as DACs via the USB port you can share?

Direct comparison would be fantastic, but individual descriptions would also be definitely helpful.

Also any experiences with the preamp section of the CD5 would be appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy the tunes,
I recently received my New Ayon CD-5 - What a remarkable improvement over the AMR77 - NO CONTEST. Sweet, Sweet , Sweet - toe taping natural dynamic lifelike music. Even with my Music Vault USB machine. I can tell you that the USB sounds like vinyl!
Hi Jim-

Thanks for your response.

I noticed your response to my other thread as well and would really appreciate your appraisal of the differences you heard between the AMR and the Ayon...both as players and USB DAC's (if you have the time and inclination). It would also be interesting and helpful if you could share the components of the rest of your system.

Thanks again and enjoy the tunes!

>>10-26-09: Jimphd14
I can tell you that the USB sounds like vinyl!<<


No digital sounds like vinyl.
>>10-27-09: Audiofeil


No digital sounds like vinyl.<<

Apparently it does to Jimphd14...
Yeah, you're right.

His analog front end must suck.

boys. now now. horns over hobbies are wasted......

This is a DAC I was considering...
Has anyone had any exposure to this ?
How is the sound ?

I want to connect it in either of the 2 ways;

a] USB from Mother Board of my music server

b] Firewire to Weiss Minerva & then a digital cable to the 'skylla'

What will work 'better'
What is the suggested retail price of this DAC ?
What are the other options to consider ?


Audiofool, only you can be the judge apparently. Could it be that you don't sell these? No! That is just a coincidence.
I just got the DAC in last night;
I will open & connect it.
An anxious to find out how it plays....
I will connect the Ayon Skylla with its USB cable. From my Computer to the Skylla & then 'direct' to my Cadence Canasya Power Amplifier [845 based] - I do not have a pre as yet;
I used to use a Meridian 808i.2 [now for sale] & a dCS Scarlatti set up & I want to know how this matches up....

I shall post my reults in a few days...
I am currently connecting the Ayon in 2 ways;

USB - direct from Computer

USB to dCS Scarlatti upsampler & then via aes/ebu to the Ayon Skylla.

Shall do 'critical' listening after 1 week.

p.s. Does any one know of a way by which I can connect my computer to the Ayon Skylla via the I2S ??? Please do suggest....
You can connect it to your computer if you use an emperical audio offramp 3 or there pace-car. They are basically usb to spdif/xlr/I2S converters with high quality clocks. You will probably get a better sound by inserting one into your chain also.
Schwinnindia, what are your first impressions to Ayon Skylla?
I just got a Skylla DAC from Ayon and boy ho boy this is the best sounding, analog like DAC i have heard. Soundstage, dynamics, detail, sweet sound! I am so glad the guys at USA TUBE Audio introduced me to this wonderful unit as i was about to purchase another DAC ...