AMR CD 77 as a usb dac for computer server

Does anyone have an idea how a AMR CD77 would work as a USB dac for a computer server since the CD 77 has a USB input jack for the dac? That's a mouth full. What else would it be good for?
Yup, that's what it's good for.

Also from reading the literature, I'm interpreting that it's a USB-direct-I2S conversion, although they're not explicit about it, so you may want to ask. The good USB DACs do at least USB-I2S, but if they convert from USB to SPDIF instead, then I think you want to stay away.

The state of the art with USB DACs right now is async mode, but the only manufacturers that I'm familiar with who offer USB async mode are Wavelength, Empirical Audio, and a soon to be released product from UltraFi.