AMR 77.1 cd player and your thoughts

I demoed a 77 version and I have on the wat a 77.1 version

Some questions for owners of this pce;

1. Anyone hear the two, if so what sonic differences did you hear between them.

The unit comes with a pair of IC's in rca configuration and power cable.

2. Do you just use these or have you done any comparison's trying other manufactures or xlr vs the rca sent for example, if so and what were the sonic differences.

3. What do have you placed under your unit for isolation and what were the sonic differences.

4. My unit is brand new so sonic wise during break-in what should I expect.

5. Does it sound good new right out of the box.

6. Any tips on break-in method.

7. Offers different filters, what do you find is your prefered setting while listening and why.

8. Hooking up an external pce such as an I-pad "which I would like to use" for example, what do I need to do and how does it sound in comparison to playing cd's. Taking into consideration I'm after best sonic results.

Hi Dev,

Hope things have been good with you, we have not talked in a long time. You kinda have surprised me on this one. I just a couple of weeks ago heard the AMR DP-777 in a very good system that quite frankly sounded pretty rotten even compared to less then a reference level inexpensive DAC. Regardless of what filter was engaged it lacked dynamics, robbed the system of life and shrank the soundstage.

With you coming from the AA reference Tube Hybrid DAC and the MBL reference transport, I know you sold it off and went completely analog, it's interesting that you find the AMR any were close in performance to your old digital front end. In the latest edition of the STEREOPHILE, Art Dudley went ga-ga over the DP-777, well it was not my cup of sonic joy at all, so go figure.

It would be great to hear from you, give me a call, about this if I can give you any information you are looking for. Since, I have such respect for your taste and your ear's regarding what sounds superlative in high end gear, maybe something was wrong with the DAC that was being used for the audition. However, when AMR came out with their highly regarded first generation player I also found it to be just OK, so maybe it's just my personal taste towards this digital type of sound.
Your dealer should answer all of these questions for you and advise correctly.
Hi Audiofanki,

I'm looking for actual owners thoughts.

You being a dealer why not disclose such and if you have constructive information provide such otherwise why post.

Hi Teajay,

nice to hear from you. Yes that's correct I sold my reference set off because by far my vinyl set-up is my preference and my pces were just collecting dust but I still have a nice collection of cd's that are not available on vinyl which I would like to listen to once and a while, also when individules come over whom bring along those shiny disc's wanting to listen I would like to accommodate.

I was looking for a single unit, not an easy task once you have owned such "both of us" pces, I wasn't concentrating on a direct comparison of such.

I auditioned a few single units, I never listened to the dac you make reference to above because I had no interest in two pces. again along with the real estate they take up although due to the small size I did hear the dcs puccini and clock. I did not like it, Audio Research I would like to hear their REF8 along with the Esoteric K-01. These will happen down the road possibly.

So time will tell.

My auditioning of the single unit player, I never had any issues you mention above otherwise I would not have purchased the 77.1 player. You left me scratching my head reading such, don't know what to say. We will see once I get it and burned in, if I don't like it and prefer something else then I'll move on but what I heard was pretty darn nice.
Hello Dev,

You mentioned you have a new unit on the way - thus, it would not be my place to step on your dealers toes - so to speak.

All AMR dealers should be *very* well versed in both the break in, presentation, sonic differences with power and interconnects, as well as between the 77, 77.1, and the DP-777.

The comment wasn't meant to be snide, rather matter of fact - as that should be your first line of inquiry.

By all means feel to inquire as to others opinions and experiences.

If you would like me to share mine, I would be happy to assist and you can email me directly at [email protected]

You have a stellar digital front end coming. Of course that is my opinion, and I do tend to lean toward the analog side of things in my personal preferences.
Hi Audiofankj,

okay that's fine but why not just post your thoughts, you seem to be taking the time reading threads and specifically this one along with responding, you have now replied twice to this thread and so far no been constructive in answering any of my questions.

I thought the main objective of these forumns was to share experiences and opinions.

If you are a dealer and as you write along with mentioning All AMR dealers should be "very well versed" then I assume you are so why not just share this information.

Why so secretive? and wanting me to email you personally.

All you would have to do is at the bottom of your posting is mention dealer disclosure.

I'm sure if you are as well versed as you write above your information provided would be most appreciated by other AMR owners whom just read these threads but don't actually post, in the end only makes you look good.

I think the OP will love the CD-77.1 (BTW it's their top model, as opposed to the lesser 777 series slagged by another poster above).

I am using the stock power cord, but not the interconnects - did not audition them or find them wanting, but rather like to mainatin consistency throughout my system (Crystal Cable ICs and speaker cables). Mine sits on a carbon fiber F1 shelf of my Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular stand.

Come back and share your thoughts after you've burned it in.
Hi Triode, thanks for the info. I was planing on using the same Stealth Indra XLR IC's and Dream power cord I already have and originally used with my other set-up anyways. I was very happy with what I heard and have no concerns. I will compare down the road once I have burned the unit in.

Teajay the one who you refered to being the one who slagged the 777 is okay, but for sure he hasn't heard this player with the comments he made or something was wrong because we both had identical pces for years and were on the same page sonic wise with such.

My preference is my vinyl rig anyways.
The AMR dac is the single best DAC I have yet experienced. For ANYONE to say it sounded rotten kinda surprises me. Now I will say this, if in Teajay's post he is speaking of the system I think he is, there are a few things that should probably have been disclosed. New speakers ("read" no where near broken in) and if not then the interim entry level Zu speakers may have still been present (not the last word in detail). Relatively new amps which I set up, read NOT BROKEN if in fact they are still in the system. New tube based preamp NOT BROKEN IN (if still in the system). I am just saying that to state that a dac which reviewers and individuals have raved over sounds "rotten" with so many other variables is pretty strong stuff. I have an AMR DP 777 as I sold my Metrum Octave and MSB Power Dac after it had about 500 hours on it. It is a spectacular music making machine and got my vote over my former Bidat with Plus mod and obviously any other dac I have yet heard.

I know we all have our own tastes but dang!!! My ears must be bad LOL!!!! got to go to the ear specialist now!
Your AMR sounded rotten? Mine sounds great -- right out of the box. Maybe your unit needs some break-in time.
Sabai, I do not believe he owns an AMR dac ()and in his defense I do not believe he ever claimed to own that line of gear :). I believe the listening session referred to was a stop at my uncles house for all of 15 minutes to pick up some audio items he had purchased. We went through NO filter selection and NO other dac was placed in the system as I had JUST finished installing the new tube amps in that system (tube amps cold out of the box). My uncle and I were listening to the sound of his cold brand new amps as I had broken the AMR in for him weeks ago. The AMR (at that point in time) was a known quantity, known to sound FABULOUS!!! (can I use that word)...ok I will leave that alone LOL!!!
This was not a listening session, at no time did he sit down to listen intently or actually attempt to assess anything. He came in spoke I got the other amp setup and we hit play on the Mac.., he stood around for about 1 to 2 minutes as he had things to do. So there you have it.

I know because I was THERE... Listen I don't care if someone hates the thing, I hate the sound of the Weiss Minerva.., BUT it (the Weiss) was in MY HOUSE in MY SYSTEM and I listened intently whilst comparing it to my former Bidat and MSB Power dac which I owned at the same time.

I hate to say this but I suspect something else is afoot regarding the slamming of AMR.
I will follow up on this and say that my DP 777 SE with an Audio Magic Ultimate Bees wax fuse and the following audio chain:
Mac Mini with Uptone Audio LPS replacement board and the Uptoone Audio LPS power supply/ ifi Audio Gemni 3.0 USB cable -> iFi audio iUSB 3.0 (fed power from the Uptone audio LPS, the LPS has 2 DC outputs so one powers the Mac the other powers the iUSB 3.0) -> iFi Audio Gemini 3.0 usb cable -> iFi audio iPurier 2 -> AMR DP 777 SE.

The mac is running HQ Player (It took weeks to configure the correct (perfect sounding) filter selection as it is a complex piece of software) under Roon.

That digital combinaton routinely equals or surpasses my second analog rig (at this level it is dependent upon the mastering of the LP and CD). It does not matter if it CD/DSD files or hi res PCM. I was converting everything to 176.4k via HQ Players incredible SRC (Never ever heard a SRC I liked hardware or software until HQ Player). The designer of HQ Player and myself got into a bit concernign sample rate conversion :) via email. We are cool now :) and it is the best audio engine I have yet to experiene with PureMusic coming in second place.

I now convert everything to 16/44.1k to take advantage of the DP777 se’s quad core ladder dac and it is superior to my ears.

The analog rig that I have been compairing consists of my SL-1200 GAE/London Ref/Luxman EQ 500 with Amperex Bugle Boy 12au7’s, (4) AMR Gold MK 2 fuses and (1) Audio Magic Ultimate Bees wax fuse, a Mullard NOS EZ81 rectifier, an Ortofon 6NX rca to rca 6 9’s copper phono cable (an underrated and superb cable) and appropriate vibraton control.

Both sound sublime, but my digital would stop many people from investing in analog unless they owned an existing nice sized vinyl collection.

Even my Bidat played using Roons application on my iPad and selecting the iPad as the endpoint (this is blutooth connected via the iFi iOne and feeding an iFi SPDIF iPurifier into my Bidat) sounds phenomental and this is my lowly bedroom system .

All I am saying is that between my AMR CD77.1/ DP 777 SE they represent the finest digital I have yet to experience and yes this include the CH Presision and DCS Vivaldi (BUT those units were not in my home, so take that as you will).

I use my tricked out R2R with safety masters as the ulitmate reference, so I think I am ok in my assessments.