Ampzilla 2000 v2 and Mcintosh MC402

I have the opportunity to either purchase an Ampzilla 2000 or MC402 from Mcintosh. I am choosing either one of these and would like your opinion on either one. Which one is better sound quality wise?

The rest of my system is : Mcintosh C1100 preamp, KEF reference 1 speakers, and Audioquest cables.

I like deep big bass, smooth mid range, big and deep sound stage and airy high.



The McIntosh for looks, the Ampzilla for sonics.  McIntosh has gone down in quality

control as well as quality in the last 4-5 years sadly , when a foreign company bought them ,the true Audiophiles were gone  that being said there is a lot inside that can be modded for a Substantial increase in fidelity if you plan on keeping them , this too includes the preamplifier , this too applies to most electronics 

having owned a Audio store. The cost of the item from build to packaging is roughly around 25% of its cost  a $6kamp $1500 in total to build the rest R&D overhead and markup. That is why I mod or have assistance ,with speakers I transform the heart of the speakers and a weak point in most speakers the Xovers.

I am still deciding between the MC402 and Ampzilla 2000. I am going to make the final decision this weekend.

The major draw back of the Mc is its weight. It is 120lbs and very big!

The Ampzilla 2000 is much lighter and small.

@jallan I am serious. Ampzilla is a good American company made in central California.

Mcintosh is an equality good one as well.