Ampzilla 2000 Mono block V1 vs V2

Hi everyone,

My local shop has a rarely used Ampzilla 2000 V1 for sale and I know that V2 is already out. However, in my country this amp is a very rare, exquisite item and I want to know what is the difference between V1 and V2 besides the 2nd speaker terminal.

The website didn't say much.

There is also a recent review on V1 in:

I personally audit the V1 with Gryphon Preamp and Karma Exquisite Midi and drive the amp to very huge volume that overload it at high volume. Even so, it has no problem to make extremely fast vibrate Flamenco music during my audition.

Any experience with any of the above is welcomed.

I want to use it to drive MBL 111b.

I beleive the primary difference is the V2 is 300wpc compared to 200wpc for the V1.
That what I think too but looking at the review here:

It said "Ampzilla (V1) 2000 uses 12 250-watt output
devices per monoblock".

I tried to search for manual on-line or emailing Spread Spectrum but no reply yet.

Maybe some of the owners here compared them before?
James replied to me saying the driver stage is a new design same as the Son of Ampzilla 2000.

Anyway, I got the Ampzilla 2000 V1 and they are absolutely powerful and sounds close to my favourite ASL Hurricane 200W tube amp and bass is very well controlled or better. They never get hot when I tried it with the Tannoy bookshelf and MBL 111b. Totally transforming my $500 Tannoy Sensys bookshelf to another level. The bookshelf's bass was just disappointing under the Linn 80W amp but now kicking with tight and deep bass notes under Ampzilla.

Usually you don't mate a $7000 amp to a $500 speaker but it seems I might be wrong.

I also tried to use it to drive the Karma Midi Ex which is a USD40000 speaker with great results too. Playing JVC's HIFI Flamenco disc at high level and the stepping sound is waking up everyone in the demo room.

So much fun.