Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced

Hello everyone,

When I think of Power Amps (or integrated amps) that play / sound way beyond their price-point and can be non-household names, I think of companies like:

  1. Belles (Power Modules)
  2. McCormack
  3. Coda

Can you guys please suggest other Power Amps / Companies that are also somewhat unknown or of great value?

Your suggestions would really help me and others.  Thanks!


+1 for Monarchy Audio. I have a pair of sm70mkII's that sound beautiful. I believe them to be a huge value.
+1 Line Magnetic 518ia .... Or 219ia if your bank balance and back can manage it.
Though they've gotten several reviews in the last few years, I second Coda. They make really amazing stuff. No fancy bells and whistles--just clean, solid, no-nonsense engineering with terrific parts that work well together. 

I've owned several Coda amps over the years and currently own an S12.5, which drives my Jena Labs speakers very well. Really clean and super-transparent, with a touch of warmth that ties the whole package together. Lightning-fast but not overpowering bass as well. An acquaintance of mine has a 15.5 that powers a pair of Legacys, and that combo is magical too.

They're certainly not bargain basement in price, but for what they offer sonically, they're a fabulous value, IMO.

If I'm not mistaken:

Some Thresholds have some similarities to some Quads.
Some Nakamichis  have some similarities to some Thresholds. Some  Codas have some similarities  to some Thresholds. Some Legacys' have some similarities to some  Codas .  Some Magtechs and Sanders Sound's  have some similarities to each other and the Codas.


Several of Coda's principals worked with Nelson Pass at Threshold back in the day. As I understand it, after Threshold's demise, Nelson formed Pass Labs, while the other guys formed Coda. 

Coda maintains a much lower profile than Pass--at least in the press--but they've done a lot of OEM work over the years, including for Innersound, Legacy and Sanders (thus some of the similarity).