Amps Using the 211 Tube

All things being equal (built quality, part quality, good design, etc) will a SE amp using the 211 tube sound better (I know it is subjective) than SE amps using other more typical tubes such as 6L6, etc? I want to know if there is something special about an amp using the 211 tube as far as sound quality.
Thank you
My faves are 300b and 2a3 amps but I have been using (sometimes) a 211 SET on my Maggie 3.6's. I like the sound I'm getting from it.

Everyone will have their own taste. I wouldn't call the 211 any more special than my 300b, it's "horses for courses" and the Maggies like the 211. I did put the 211 on my hi-eff system and there's still that triode magic but I prefer the 300b on that system.

So the classic answer: It depends.
You would be better served using an amplifier with 845's. Fuller midrange..not lean sounding.
I've listened to many amps driving large horn speakers at my favorite local audio store and have not heard better sound than Consonance Cyber 211 mono amps.The sound (tonality,PRAT,Bass,dynamics,soundstage)is so real;you feel like you are with the band/performers in the studio or at the live venue!!! There is also a Raysonic tube amp in that room which is as good/maybe better.I will check with the owner about its tube compliment.
First off you are comparing two different class of tubes i.e. triode vs. beam tetrode. Typically I prefer the sound of a true triode tube when compared to a tube that is wired for triode operation. I too prefer the 845 tube over the 211 tube.
I love DHT tubes!
But I agree with onemug, just about any answer concerning audio components/sound could begin with "It all depends"
The other amp that I liked with the large Horn speakers was not a Raysonic.It was the JAS Array 2.1 and uses 805 tubes for output.I am told that they are smoother (less grain) than comparable 845 based amps.The 805 tubes are similar in sound to the 211 tubes and have that "you are there" live quality to their sound.
Please do not put a blanket statement on the sound of a particular tube. 211 can sound very different depending on the operating point and the output transformer one chooses.
I do not have a great deal of experience with SET amps.I have owned and currently own a number of EL-34,6550 and KT-88 based amps.Some are/have been wired for both ultralinear and SET operation.With my speakers and in my room I have preferred the higher power output of ultralinear or push/pull operation.

My experience with 211 (and 805) amps have for the most part been in the large listening room of a local retailer driving large/efficient horn based speakers (SQ H-12 and H-15).My comments are restricted to those amps that I have named in that room,driving these particular speakers.There are times when I wish I could pack-up my clothes & toothbrush and move to that room!!!
I think you meant your amps can switch between ultralinear and triode push-pull, not switchable to SET circuit, correct?
I'm certain you are correct. I am no technical wizard! I do enjoy listening to music and playing with different equipment.I currently own a Rogue Stereo 90 which is switchable.
I used to own a Cary 805AE SET amp. With this amp, you had a choice of using 845 or 211 output tubes. The 211's sounded more powerful, with better control of the bass. The 845's had a more full midrange, more airy top end, and had more of the SET magic. I vastly preferred the sound of the 845's.
Sidssp makes a valid and important point, and I would argue further that the "sound" of a tube is confined what the specific tube IN A SPECIFIC CIRCUIT (Topology, Transformer, Driver stage, coupling etc.) can/will deliver. The second point - to reiterate - is the 811 (and 805, 845, 300b, 2A3) is (are) triodes - that is they have three elements, Anode(Plate), Cathode(For many triodes, the cathode and filament are the same, or called: 'Direct Heated') and screen or grid. the 6L6 is a 'Beam Power Amplifier'-per the RCA manual - and is actually a tetrode, or four element tube with 2 screen/grids and an extension from the cathode to focus the beam. They are not the same beasts....
I come from Hong Kong, nowadays chinese factory had made many tube amp with very good quality. I have bought a new brand(Bewitch) 211 monoblock amp with the 211 tube operate at 1100V which is higher than the common used voltage 900V for 845. My experience is that the sound of 211 (1100V) is much better than that of 845 tube especially playing classical music, better separation, bigger sound stage, greater dynamic.

my opinion is 211 win 845 a lot