Amps Used With Infinity Rs1..Successfully or....

~~~~All you Rs1 owners with the servo/crossover. Which amps have you used top and bottom. How was the ratio of bass to highs with your combinations? Thanks, Thomas.

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Vtls seem to work the best on top. Have 2 friends with extensive experimentation, both like the 300s and 450s.
For the bass, Sunfire and the old Luxman m117.
These speakers, with the right equipment, are still state of the art.
Skull: I am curious as to how you ended up recommending a Sunfire amp for the bottom end ? Do you think that the Sunfire has "good" bass overall or is it just one of those specific combo's ( Sunfire / Infinity ) that "creates magic" ??? Sean
Hi fbi...
I am using the ARC VT 100 mkll on the top and on the bottom I am currently using the Perreaux 2150B. It is quite old but still going strong and performing well. I have run a few threds about power amps for the top end to see if I should increase the wattage into the mid/tweeter panels. The outcome so far is more power..better, but good power (at a lower wattage)...(may be) even better.

As to the bottome end, I understand that Infinity wanted a high current amp to drive the woofer columns. So...are the Parasound 3500 HCA, the Rotel 1090 (700 watts into 4 ohms), the Threshold Statis 500....the answers???

Some member once said that the Eagle amp (can't get any info on this) is a great high current amp.
Anyway...I will keep track of your thread as I am quite interested. If you'd like to chat...send me an e-mail
The Eagle 2A (120 watts/channel)or the very rare Kenwood L09M (300 watt monoblock)would be great choices. Or the Audio Research D-350, which turns up on ebay from time to time. These are all bass amps. Or, believe it or not, the Bose 1801. Mark Levinson used the Bose on the Hartley woofers in the HQD system before he had amps of his own.
Rwd: Rick, the Perreaux PMF-3150B makes the 2150B sound "weak and anemic" in terms of bass impact and slam. I found this out in a direct comparison. While i would not encourage you to sell your 2150 outright to purchase a 3150, i would say that i think that you would find a side by side comparison pretty enlightening. I don't think that any of the other amps ( Parasound 3500, Rotel 1090, Threshold S-500 ) outside of one of Mr Iverson's bigger Eagle amps can come close in the bottom end department, especially at low impedances. There is something to be said for an amp with high rail voltages ( 90 volts ) and high current capability when it comes to handling difficult loads and delivering high impact power on demand. Sean
~~~~Rwd; Rick,

Talking would be interesting. Looking for others to post what amps can be used with the servo unit. Pioneer Spec 2 is compatible as is the Marantz 2500 receiver(preamp out/ amp in jacks in rear). Spoke to Sonic Frontiers about trying their "Power" tube amps. Use a Pwr 2SE on high side. Not recommended because true balanced design may interfere with "Servo Feedback" (chassis ground on Rs1).

Hey, Rs1 owners, any other amps compatible?

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