Amps that work well with Acoustic Zen Adagio

I'm picking up a pair of Adagio's and it has me thinking about the possibility of changing my electronics. I currently run an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 and Rawson built Aleph monobloks. Integrted is a possibility or just different power. My musical tastes are all over the map; classical, jazz, eclectic rock stuff (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits... but I occasionally crank up some ZZ Top as well!)

Lots of potential choices out there:
-LFD zero MkIII or MkIV
-BAT VK300
-Musical Fidelity A1008, KW500 or KW550
-ICE amps from Red Dragon, Bel Canto, H2O, Digital Amp, etc
-Plinius SA100, SA 201
-BAT VK200, VK220
-Audio Research 100.2, 150.2 or ?

I know, way too many possibilities! Just wondering about the things that folks may have had great success with in driving the Adagios. Appreciate the feedback!
By the way... I'm trying to keep it aoround $2k, give or take a bit.
Apparently this speaker works well with a lot of amps so you'll have a lot of choices.

I went from a DK designs hybrid to the LFD LE II to an LFD NCSE.

Couldn't be happier, the LE II was great and the NCSE is essentially a punchier and more refined version. Even with the LE II they sounded great at low volumes and you could listen all day long and just keep going. Excellent tone and fun and exciting to listen to at the same time.

The LE III would likely be best value at this point by the looks of things, if you decide to go solid state you will not regret pairing the two together.

Apparently the Adagios work well with tubes as well, even a Manley Stingray would likely work well. As long as you don't go too low on power you should be fine.
I use a pass 150 and works well.
Docdan50... is that an INT-150 or an X150 power amp?

Audiojedi, thanks for the info on the LFD. These look to be a real gem possibly.
pass x150
I've received the Adagios and have them set up in my system... pretty darned impressive! Not sure if changing amps makes sense or not. Still considering the Red Dragon's as I understand they're a really good match (rumor has it that they use the Adagio in their product development). Happy New Year and enjoy your music... I know I will! ;-)
I heard the Red Dragon Audagio match up in Montreal a few years back.
I never bought the Audagios(no local dealer) but I did and still enjoy the Red Draggon Leviathans, only on Ref 3a Grand Veena.

BTW- I don't hear any of the nasty things peoplesay about D amps in my set up.

In fact I've tried a number of very high quality tube and solid state amps and none were any better, so the Dragons are still breathing fire( not literally of course, they've been trouble free for a few years now).

The Adagio, Red Dragon sound was one of my most ejoyable sounding rooms at the FSI that year, at least in gear that I could afford.
Well, after lots of research, I decided to try a pair of Red Dragon M-500's. They got here today and I have them hooked up and running. Not bad right outta the box and the constrction, fit & finish are impeccably good. Plus they really look cool, too! Probably take a couple of weeks to really settle in well... back to listening!

Thanks for all the great info y'all!