Amps that will accept wide variety of tubes?

Any amp that will take El34, Kt88, Kt90 and 6550..? Thanks!
Research Quicksilver Audio ones. Don't go for minis the large ones are much better.
Jadis JA30, 80 and 200. I believe that some Cary amps can use multiple types of tubes, and the Rogue amps can take either KT88s or 6550s, not sure about other types.
Sonic Frontiers SFS40, SFS80, and except for EL34 the SFM160. I not aware if the latest series allowed this.
I just sold a Cary V12i that can take all the tubes you listed.
My VAC PA160 mkII monos run all those and more.
Music Reference RM-9!
Why stop there? The Quicksilver GLA will take 6L6/5881/KT66 family of tubes as well as all of the above.
The Audion Sterling can take EL-34, 6550, KT88, KT90, 6L6 and 7027A power tubes, according to what I've read. This applied to the discontinued Sterling - I don't know if it holds for the new Sterling line.