Amps that sounds similar or close to Lamm hybrids

Am curious, is there an amp that sounds close or similar to the Lamm hybrids for a lot less $. A friend of mine is asking if there is such thing ?
I told him, so far the amp that sounds closest to the Lamm is really the Lamm. Anyhow, perhaps someone can chime in.

Sorry for the silly question.
I was lucky enough to find a pair of used M1.1's that I could afford. I doubt many SS amps would provide the same sound, and certainly not for less money. Hybrid choices are Moscode or Monarchy, both of which have received "very good but not great" reviews. I think your friend might do well with a tube amp that does good bass like ASL Hurricanes. Otherwise, pick speakers that are an easy load to drive and look at something like the Class A Pass XA-30.5 at about $4K used.
Lamm is unique.
What is exactly the "Lamm sound"?

Madison-Fielding Is what you want. Finding it is the problem.
Possibly the Counterpoint SA-4 from the 80's.Probably with recent upgrades.Just a guess,never heard the Lamm's....thanks,Bob
i guess a lamm is really a lamm-no substitute!!
A reviewer friend of mine has the Lamm 1.2's (I think thats the model number) the solid state mono blocks with with the single tube in each one. But to my ears Mark Levinson, and I'm not kidding, the Marantz Reference mono blocks. Give a listen for yourself if you can you'll be surprised.