Amps that Mate well with the Lightspeed Attenuator (LSA)

Please enlighten me on your experiences, currently have one, unsure whether to go for a integrated amp or amp to mate with the LSA.  Tube or SS, had a Sunfire amp & Audible Illusions L1, can't find the magic again, boohoo, regrets.

Hi styxtrekr for your Lightspeed Attenuator to work it's magic it likes to see amps that have an input impedance of >33kohms or more, that would be 99% of amps out there.

Your source should be <1kohm (1000ohms) or less output impedance, again that would be 99% of sources out there.

The interconnect from the Lightspeed Attenuator to the amp should be good quality low capacitance which most are, and 2mts or less in length.

Cheers George

No suggestions?  OK what are you using? 
I use a Belles Reference 150 v2. However my whole system is put together with a passive in mind. That amp is really really good with the Lightspeed. 

  • No suggestions? OK what are you using?
  • For the most transparent/dynamic/uncoloured way of hearing the source, I go direct, if the source has a digital domain volume control, and if the gain is right to allow me to use it at or above 75% of it’s full volume output, so no "bit stripping" is introduced.

    But if not I leave the source volume full up, and use the Lightspeed Attenuator. (my avatar) as my volume control.

    Cheers George

    I have used it with a Music Reference RM-10, VAC Auricle, Atma-Sphere S-30, and have heard it used with Coincident Frankenstein. As George said make sure the impedance requirements are met and use low capacitance cables. Personally the Music Reference Rm-10 and LSA is one of my favorite amp/preamp combinations.
    Id just sell me your lightspeed and move on