Amps suitable to run Martin Logan SL3's

Amps from the Counterpoint old line or Audio Research suitable to run these speakers. Tube versions preferred.
Thoughts and/opinions.
Thanks, Randy
My Counterpoint SA-220 worked very well on Maggies. You can also upgrade the old units very easily and install better mosfets that won't blow.

Happy Listening.
I used VTL 450 mono blocks. I tried the Counterpoint Natural Progression Monoblocks and they were wonderful. The Innersound ESL amp worked very well. I expect the Audio Research VT 100 or something similar might work. The thing you need to watch out for is the low input impedance in the treble. I think the SL3s go all the way down to 1 ohm.
Thanks guys, Just the type of info I was looking for. In the early stages of research for building my system with a budget.
Just kinda focused in on the Martin Logans as there used prices are reasonable. Bang for buck wise.
Originally had my heart set on the Counterpoint SA 5.1 as a preamp and was getting ideas for the amp to use with it. But after spending hours researching it. I think the used prices are out of my budget for that preamp.
Second choice I believe is going to be an Audio Research SP6A or B.
Just to let you know where I'm headed with this.
Thanks again for the input. Much appreciated.
I have sold and owned Martin Logan speakers for a very long time. I still use a pair of CLSIIA.

I have very good luck with Odyssey Stratos amps, (especially the Dual Mono version). The Counterpoint SA20 or SA220 worked well as did the Belles 150A Reference and 350A Reference.

The Sanders Sound System ESL amp is what I use now. The Innersound amp mentioned above is the early version of the ESL and would be marvelous as well.

You might also look at the Audio Research SP9MKII or MKIII or even an ARC SP14 as a preamp.
i ran them w/a Classe CA200 paired w/ARC LS-3 pre & later a Pass Labs X250 & X preamp, both w/great results.
Thanks for all the input gents. My main source is going to be a turntable. So the phono stage is important.
Mofi,Luv your handle.
T_Bone, Familiar with low impedance's. Quick story. I sold stereos at a place here, Called Hudson's Audio for 13 years. We had a pair of used Apogee Scintillas on the floor being run with Krell Mone 160's.
A guy walked in one night and wanted to here them with his Nakamichi Stasis Amp. I told him it would not run them. He insisted on hearing it. I handed him the lug wrench to disconnect and hook up his amp. Told him, You're on your own. He said it will be fine. My reply. I hope it's under warranty. And left the room.
He put Roxy Music Avalon on and cranked the Krell Preamp to about 12 o'clock.
About three minutes later. The room went silent. I walked in and smoke was pouring from his amp.
Love those told ya so moments.
I'll take all your thoughts under advise. And again. Thanks for everyone's input.
Just bought a Counterpoint SA3000 and a SA220 from a gentleman on here. Not exactly what I wanted. But as you guys know. There's always an upgrade path. This should do the trick well for the time being. Time being=waiting to accumulate more money.
Thanks again for the advice. I hopefully should be able to get the SL3's in the next couple of months.