Amps suitable for Martin Logan speakers?

Am leaning toward Martin Logan (probably ReQuest or SL3) speakers. Understand they're demanding of power amp. Any suggestied amps to look at/avoid? I'd like to keep the cost of a power amp under $3,000, (but open to used). Thanks! MG
I have owned ML SL3's for over three years. Have used a music research RM9 mk1 and mk2,Classe 200,McCormack DNA0.5 andDNA1(both the deluxe models). Currently using a Pass Labs Aleph 5.The 5 beats all the other amps for sound.
Meridian 557 on my SL3's. Goes below 2 ohm load which is required for SL3. 200 watts in 8 ohm and 350 into 4 ohm which is what Martin-Logan is.
Go with the Electrocompaniet 120 - it has 120wpc and can handle loads down to .5 ohms. It sounds great and beats the Aleph 5 which I tried with my Logans - it was ok until this amp entered the picture-I think someone has one on Audiogon for 2200 or at least did - it sells for 3995 new.
try a used rowland amp either a model 5 or one of their mono amps they drive anything and can be found relatively cheap on the used market
Pick up a used Threshold amp (T200)
I'll second the notion of McCormack. I'm driving my SL3s with a DNA 1/Rev B (it was only $1600 used) and I'm smiling on a daily basis ;<{)