Amps replacement

Hi All. I need help.At the present my system is composed of two mono Krell Evolution One with pre Krell Evolution 202, driving a pair of Dunlavy SCV (7 drivers, sensitivity 91dB). One of the amp does not work and nobody over here in France is able to repair this item (no spare parts available). So I intend to replace the amps by either the PsAudio BHK 250 ( the 300 are too expensive) or a pair of PsAudio Stellar 1200 (classD), or some Bryston ( 4 or 7B).  Any advice should be much appreciated .Thanks all .Cheers.

Andé León 


if you are in europe why not look at european manufacturers


t+a makes extraordinary  amps

electrocompaniets amps are really good

so are chord



Thanks for these answers . An audition of the Ps's is scheduled within a fortnight at home . About A+T they have only one retailer here , Eletrocompaniets are sold out at the present , and I really don't like Chord . Concerning  French gears they are not that much reliable . Awaiting more advices . Thanks.  

I had the PSA S300 for several years.  Ran cool and trouble free the entire time I owned it. Had a really nice sweet sport at lower volume levels with my gear.  My room needs a little treatment :/

Take a look at the Gold Note PA-1175 amplifier - it is a wonderful amp, runs cool, sounds great, won't break your back or bank and will easily drive the speakers you have.

I bought a PS Audio S300 about 3 months ago. It changed my mind about class D amps and isn’t going anywhere. The bigger PSA should be even better. If it doesn’t suit you, return it within 30 days. PS Audio is great to work with.



Even though your Dunlavy’s are efficient you still need some muscle to get the bottom end and fullness. Owned a pair Dunlavy’s way back in the day and just were not for me, that being said I would stay with an amp more on the warm side than cool. I think I’d hands down go with the BHK 250 with a nice high current power cord which you probably already own. I would think what you get out of your Krell’s will get you the PS Audio. Not sure how they would work with you on a trade allowance but worth an email with them. I bet they will work with you. Shipping on your Krell’s maybe an issue but maybe they have a means to make it happen. Good luck.