Amps/Preamps for Revel Studios

I just purchased a pair of Revel Studios. I would like some suggestions of new/used amps and preamps that will be a good match. I'm interested in amps first, and would like to spend under $5000 for one. I'm considering the Bryston 7b monoblocks, Proceed HP2 and laterally biamp, or used Levinson, but any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for your views and experiences.
THE AMP for the Revel Studio's is the Jeff Rowland Model 10 (of course in my opinion).
The combination of the Studio's and Rowland 10's are a match made in heaven.
Way better than the Studio's/Levinson (334-336)combination.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to the Studio's and Rowland 10 together.

I know that new it is over your budget, but there is a Rowland 10 listed in the clasifieds by a guy who is upgrading to the Rowland 12's.
Rowland is great gear but there is no better match for the revels than MARK LEVINSON !!!!!!!! There is a great synergy between the two. You can buy a 335 for 4,500 to 4,800 on the used market and you will be in heaven. I know I have one and love it. good luck
There you have it! X answers - X opinions :-)
Well, that's normal, isn't it. But let me throw in my humble opinion. I am a REVEl fan! I purchased the ULTIMA SYSTEM a year ago and for me there is no better speaker in the world for my needs. I test auditioned the REVEL Salon and since my impression of that audition is equal to the audition with the GEM/SUB I must say that Mark Levinson doesn't do it for me at all. Much too harsh, much to over exposed. The PASS MX5 was a step better but heavens opened up with tube gear!! I don't know if a powereful enough amp will fit your budget, but maybe not today maybe tomorrow. The McIntosh MC 2000 feeding the REVEL Ultima System is my final high end solution. End of search in that field.
Good luck
I have a pair of Revel Studios and used to have a Levinson 331. Then I tried a Pass Labs Aleph 4. I went back and forth over a 2 month period because I did not want to part with the 331, but everytime I hooked up the Pass amp, I knew the levinson had to go. no comparison ... the Pass is much more natural, open, and detailed.

I'm glad Lev335 loves his levinson amp, but I'll bet he's never heard the Pass amps in his system. He would be shocked.
mg123 I have heard the pass gear and it is awesome but I prefer the Levinson sound espeacially on the revels. I glad you love your pass amp thats what its all about we buy because we love it. Also the I to owned a 331 very good amp but a little bit cold sounding. The new series Levinson is worlds better than the older 300 series. I now have a 335 and I was amazed with the improvements Levinson has made. Before my 331 I had a krell amp so thats why at the time I thought the 331 was the cats ass. And when I tried the 335 I new that the 331 wasnt as good as I had thought it to be. Not to say it wasnt good it was but as I said it was a little cold sounding and the bass wasnt as controled as I had wished but great mids and highs. So if your going Levinson go with the new series. And good luck. If you hear one you will understand my loyalty.
Thanks for all your comments and advice.