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Is there a service center for Threshold?

They service all models and are still very much in business.
Try this website.

From what i've heard, the "new" Threshold is working only on selected "older" models. The website listed above is that of one of the former "original" Threshold employee's that worked in the service department. Be forwarned though, he is slow to respond to email and this is strictly a "side job" for him. Nonetheless, his work is first rate. Sean
Jon Soderberg is his name, and I spoke with him a few times
while he was with Threshold. He certainly knows his
"Threshold", and even if he is slow wouldn't you rather
have it done right, or????
I am not so sure about the slow part, he had my amp on the bench way sooner than he has said he would. He had said a couple weeks, but got to it when it arrived. It may depend upon the volume he has, and his private life. He was apparently was an engineer with Threshold, later PS Audio after the bought Threshold.

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