Amps/Pre-amps for Sopra 3 or Salon 2

Hi everyone,

Looking to put a system together and have not settled on a speaker yet, however, I somewhat like what I am hearing from Focal Sopra 3's and Revel Ultima 2 Salon 2's. Sopra seems to have a silkier midrange and better tweeter while Salon's may have the edge in low frequency extension.  It may not be a fair comparison as I have only thus far been able to hear Focals downstream of Naim (and briefly McIntosh 452) gear whereas the Salon's were run with much more expensive Moon Evolution mono's / pre-amp / dac.  I was able to directly compare the Sopra 2 / Sopra 3 / and Scala V2 Utopia on the same Naim 300 / N272 streaming pre-amp combo.  Surprisingly I found the Sopra 3 more satisfying than the Scala V2 due to better low frequency extension.

  To get to the point, the Naim equipment sounds pretty good , however, I am not completely sold on the low wattage/higher current class B design at $19K. I am looking for other recommendations or experiences.

 For historical background purposes I am coming out of a Linn Majik cd, Threshold fet10, Threshold S-500, Mirage M-1 originals, combo from years ago.  I am currently (when possible because it is in the family room where the wife and kids frequent, lol) listening to an Oppo 105D streaming Tidal / Rogue Pharaoh integrated / Totem Forest Signature combo powered through a Torus RM-20 and connected with Transparent Ultra balanced ic's and Ultra speaker cable.  I have to be honest in that I have heard a lot of equipment combo's, within the price range I am currently shopping, that do not sound as satisfying as my "second system" that was put together for about $15K in total thanks to the pre-owned Transparent cables.

I want to start my new system with the electronics as I still possess the Mirage's and they have been sentimentally good to me. I have upgraded them throughout the years with re-foaming, new crossovers, Cardas binding posts, new internal wire, etc............well......they still make sound and prodigious bass!  I also really don't care too much how they sound with the new electronics pushing them as long as my future speakers blend well.

Thanks for any and all responses and I apologize in advance for any delayed answers as I will respond as my schedule allows.


Give the new Devialet 220/440/1000 Pro line a listen - if you like the Focal virtues they're an excellent match.  You'll save a ton on cables and space too!
The older D200/400/800 are great value used and not so far behind.
Thanks leeagc! I will look at them.
We are a Naim dealer and the equipment does have some wonderful qualities.

We took on the T+A gear out of Germany and their gear is absolutely amazing, they make a very powerful integrated 300 watts into 8 ohms 500 watts into 4 ohms.

Sound quality is neutral with a bit of warmth, great dynamics, warm punchy bass, superior resolution to the Naim gear.

Their $19k integrated amplifier was compared to a $120k worth of CH Precision gear and the reviewer was having difficulty telling the two apart. Absolutely world class stuff, stunning looking, fantastic build quality.

We are the Northeast dealer, so if you are in our neck of the woods we would welcome you to hear them. 

We would also recommend you check out the new Paradigm Persona line, similar treble to the Focals, with a Beryllium midrange so the speakers are very transparent and coherent. 

They make models starting at $10k for the floor standers to $35k for the flagship with self amplified bass with built in room correction.

In that uber speaker league just starting to get some press. Last issue of the Absolute Sound loved them!

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Here we go with the advertising barrage again.  More and more.
I was wondering about that ad as well.  It seems anytime anybody is looking for and amp, this vendor posts on his products.
Yes guilty as charged. If you guys actually hear these products you might understand why we are so high on them.

Audio should not be just about following the trends of established brands but be a pursuit on what products that may be able to deliver superior results and in this case challenge the status quo brands yet cost way less.

Do you know of any company offering a pure Beryllium tweeter and a midrange in speakers which start at $7k a pair? Most speakers with those kinds of exotic drivers start at $18-25k a pair such as the YG Carmels and Magico S1. 

I am not taking about sound quality just engineering technology and build quality. 

As per T+A absolutely amazing gear, when was the last time you heard a reviewer comparing a $19K amp to a $120k worth of super exotic Swiss gear and barely being able to tell the difference?

That is why we keep on posting to build awareness of these two stellar product lines. 

I know a particular poster who constantly raves over Vandys and Ayre and he is all over the forums,  I never hear a peep about that guy in such a negative way.

And if you think this is benefiting us it isn't we have sold zero products based on these posts.

We are on the East coast and if you are intrigued give us a call, if not find your local dealer and see for yourself, you may actually be pleasantly surprised in what these brands offer.

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I've heard Salon2 paired with Mark Levinson - current but not sure which model, and McIntosh MC601 amplifiers and to my ears the McIntosh combo sounded much more dynamic with much bigger soundstage. Everything else was constant during this demo. In general, there are usually too many variables to make a fair comparison so for someone who seems to keep their gear for a long time, and given the size of the investment, its best to audition extensively before the purchase.
kalali.....thanks.  I am doing pretty extensive auditioning as time permits.  I am in no hurry as the chase is half the fun!  I heard the MC 452 next to the Naim 300 and preferred the forward dynamics of the Naim on the Focals.  


Thanks for the input.  Would you opine on the positive and the negative of the Naim gear?  The new 300DR sounds pretty good to me.  Does it have enough guts to push most hard to drive speakers?  Is the NC 272 streaming pre-amp a better choice for the money if upgraded with a separate power supply or would a 282 with a separate streamer be a noticeable sonic improvement?