Amps on Maggie Mye Stands - Bad Idea?

Somebody stop me! No Don't!! The Mye stands for the Maggie 20.1's have the perfect horizontal rear support struts to throw a good solid piece of maple on and attach my VTL 450 tube amps, just inches from the speaker terminals. It would save space, allow super short interconnects, and look cool. But what about the vibrations in the Mye stand? How about a quarted of sorbothane hemispheres? I wanna do it, but sense it might not be the best idea. Thoughts?

See pictures of Mye Stands in this link. Thanks, Peter S.
As a pre-emptive follow up to this question... If placing the amps on the speaker stand "outriggers" is not a good idea, where would the best place to locate the amps relative to the speakers? I want to keep them close to the speakers, and have long interconnects from my preamp to the amps (or more accurately to the Marchand Xover).

Right now I've got the two tube amps and then a Bryston 450ST for the bass panels, so 3 amps that require placing. I do have an Atlantis 3-shelf rack, which could probably accomodate everything (if I build a little shelf for the Marchand to sit over the Bryston) - but that would create a stack just over 3' high. Would it be better to keep everything closer to the floor? Is it bad to place the tube amps behind the speakers?
I would not suggest placing on the stands and in back. The vibration of the speaker to the stand will make its way to the amp. Don't forget that dipole sound propagate front and rear equally so air pressure from playing too loud could also add to the vibration if placed directly behind the speaker. Aerial view of the Maggies would show that sound is made in a figure 8 pattern. So if you want it close to the speaker, the side edge of the speaker on a dedicated stand is best.
Don't get the power transformers too close to any inductors in crossover network.