Amps & Maggies...what is your take?

What amps do you used to drive your Maggies and found yourself putting on a smile on your face? Pray tell, why you like this amplification?
Various posts may appear advising a multitude of choices from lower end AV receivers to high end tube amps. It has always been my opinion that Maggies love lots of current but many owners have had great success with reduced amounts. I have a pair of 1.5's and have owned various 4 ohm nominal impedence speakers over the last decade. I have always had good success with my Bryston amps and now have a 4B-ST mated with a Rogue 66 preamp which has provided me with a new level of system synergy. The 4B has great bass slam and controls the planar very well.
I run a pair of smgc's with a conrad johnson mv52(45 watts per chanell) and a pair of 1.5's with a krell ksa100 mk2 both combos sound awesome
I have a pair of 1.6's and I use an Ayre V3 of which I find to be the best that I have had in my house. I have tried a Byston 4BST, Krell KSA 100S, Classe CA200 and the Pass Alpha3. Out of all of them I find the Ayre to best match my needs. The Pass was close but not enough power. I'm sure some of the larger Pass unit would have been great but thats what I had available at the time. Just my 2 cents. Best-Gary
I use an Anthem Amp 2 @ 300 watts into 4 ohms. It is a hybrid with 2 tubes. They list for $1700 but I got mine for $1400. Excellent results.
having owned Maggie 3.5r and now hearing my friend's 3.6r driven by Hafler 9500/9505 series amps sounding really good! Way warmer and more natural than the thin-sounding, but well warranteed Bryston. Musical Concepts makes mods for these haflers that will really make 'em sing! beemer
I live in an apartment and can't play my older maggies (mgIIb's) loud. I have an electronic cross over and subwoofer, so my maggies go from 80hz on up. I use a class A amp (60w a channel) because I like its clean midrange and treble.
I drove my 1.6QR's with the McCormack DNA 1/A, and Conrad Johnson MV-50. They were both excellent. The surprise was the 45 watt MV-50. It drove them with power to spare. It didn't have the detail but has a warmth and forwardness was wonderful to listen to. A vocalist would seem to have a five foot tall head when coming from the Maggies. I could listen to orchestral works with no problem. Awesome speakers ! Overall, I think these speakers were the sonic equal of my $5500 AP Virgo speakers. A little less detailed, less bass, but superior for orchestral works. If you are a classical music lover, the 1.6 is untouchable. I didn't keep them because of placement/aesthetics in my particular room. You can see out the window, or you can see a speaker; which do choose ?! Cheers everyone!
The Electrocompaniet AW120 was great with them. It has a full bodied midrange that the Maggies need. It also is a high current amp that drives them with ease.
I have 2.7QRs. Used to drive with tubes. I do not necessarily agree that Maggies like tubes. Particularly the larger onees like the 2.7 and 3.6. I do agree that they thrive on the high current amps. I use an AVA 350hc.
I use a Levinson 332 with 3.5Rs. The sound is clean, open and real. I used a Bryston 4B (then modified to a 4B-ST) for six years and, while it made me smile, the 332 makes me smile more. I highly recommend the 332, but remember, this is only a recommendation. Trust YOUR ears. Ray
I tried a Linn LK-100 and McCormack .05 with my MG-12QR...nada for drive...then I tried the Musical Fidelity X-AS100 100 watter with 35 amperes...this one grabs hold of the Maggie and won't let go...BAM !!! Get solid state amp with as much current drive as possible...once again, watts don't mean nothing~