Amps for Vandersteen Quatro

Any Quatro owners care to share their experience with amp/cable combos on the Quatros?

I heard the Quatros at Goldman Audio in Ct. powered by BAT electronics and wired with Audioquest cables and the sound was fantastic. I don't know how you could do better.
Same as with the Model 5As...Quicksilver V4s or BEL 1001 Mk Vs IMHO. See other threads on this.
If you can afford one get Audio Research Vt100 mklll.
I am not associatd with Audio Research.
Also Richard Vandersteen always pairs his stuff with Audio Research at shows.
BTW Add MIT cables into ther mix and you will just not believe what you hear in soundstage depth and width and frequency fidelity and sheer musicality.
I drive my Quatros with Cyber 800 mono blocks connected with Audioquest cables.
My father owns the Wood Quatro driven with Classe amps and Audioquest cables, and Audio Research tube pre....Pass Labs and Audio Research would probably make the short list for an upgrade when it is time to do so.
The Quatros, and their required M5HP filters, will get along well with lots of amplifiers provided they don't have too low an input impedance. I would avoid amps that have an input impedance of less than 20K per leg.

I would also seek out amps that have refinement and finesse over power.

I'm a Vandersteen dealer.
I've heard the Quatros several times with the Ayre amps. They have always made beautiful music together. The only speaker/amp combo that have made think about trading in my Thiels.