Amps for Vandersteen 5A

What amps sound best with the 5A's?

I own a pair of Vandersteen 5As and am very happy with my Blue Circle AG8000 amplifiers. I have also heard them with Audio Research VT 100 & 200 and BAT VK75SE tube gear. I think they all sounded great. The Vandersteen's don't seem finicky. I have heard rumors that Richard uses Audio Research gear, but my dealer, who I also understand is a good friend of Richard, says Richard throws tons of gear at them.
I agree the 5As are relatively insensitive to the amp and fairly easy to drive. I am currently using an ARC VT100 MKIII and the high definition is really impressive.
My local Vandy dealer drives the 5A with Adcom.
All of the above comments are essentially correct. None of the Vandy line of speakers are terribly finicky about amplification, provided that it's of good quality (i.e., with sufficient power and power supply). I've driven my own Vandy speakers (2C, 2CE, 3A, and 3A Sig's) with Adcom, ARC, B&K, and now Bryston, and have also heard the Model 5's driven with VTL, Ayre, and Quicksilver amps. While there were some quality differences, I think all performed well when considering their price ranges. I have talked with Richard Vandersteen in the past, and have been told that he's used and recommended several different amps, including McCormack.
The Spectron Musician is a great amp on the Vandersteen 5a Amps. Remember the Vandersteen have built in amps for the subs.
I am using a McCormack DNA-225 (soon to go in for Platinum mods) with 3A sigs to GREAT effect and drool at the prospect of dropping Model 5's into my room.
Heard em on Cary V12 monos, and they were jammin'