Amps for Vandersteen 3a Sigs

My cousin is considering upgrading his 2CE-sigs to 3a-sigs... both would be used with a pair of 2WQ subs. Right now he is driving the 2CE's with a McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev A amplifier.  We are hoping this amp will be a good match for the 3a's, but are concerned it may not be enough power.  Given that the subs are relieving the amp of the bass frequencies, perhaps it is enough power. 

Thoughts on that combo?

Beyond that, looking into the future, what amps are highly recommended with the 3a-sigs?  I'm guessing that my cousin would rather work with solid state amps.

Thanks, Peter
Hello Peter,

I had 3A Sigs. with two 2wq subs.  I used a Rev A+ DNA-1 and had more than enough power.  I think your .5 Rev. A is an excellent amplifier and should sing beautifully with the 3A Sigs.  Without the two subs I might feel differently, but with the way the crossovers relieve your .5 of the greatest demand, that of the deepest bass you should ralize great sound!  Vandys and McCormack amps have always played nicely together.

All the Best!
BTW Peter,

I am still using my DNA-1 but now with Treo CTs and two 2wq.  I having my DNA-1 now rebuilt by Steve McCormack as the original circuitry is now 20 years old and subject to vast improvement.
Peter, I had a pair of 3a Sigs that I drove with a McCormack DNA-0.5 deluxe and it had no problem filling a large (400 sq. ft.) room as loud as I cared to play them.  I don't think your cousin will have a problem and the subs will make them that much easier to drive.  Dick
The McCormack should be a great match but if he feels the need to change for more power the Odyssey Kismets are a great match with Vandersteen as is the PS Audio BHK 250.  Dave Clark of PFO is running the Quatro Wood CT with the BHK. I ran Odyssey amps with 2CE Sigs, 3A Sigs and Treo CTs.
Either something from VTL, PrimaLuna or QuickSilver amp. Vandersteen’s sound great with tubes.
Once he gets everything else dialed in, and he is satisfied and stable, if he gets the itch and wants some variety, I would set him up with Quicksilver V4's, possibly running KT150 tubes!  Always looking for the bang for the buck :-)
if he already has the subs I would be all over the pair of Treo for sale now on Agon...cherry not CT $3250....... ah hem......

love the Quicksilvers, heard them running 5a....magic

i had my 3a-sig for many many years and a few rooms with a MC202.... very nice warm but tightly controlled sound...
a few more great proven choices addition or reinforcing of what others have said...

++1 for Ayre
I too, use upgrded DNA-1, but Steve made them monoblocks for me.

If you want tubes, then Atma-Sphere.