amps for totem mani 2 sig

currently i have these totems for over a decade and want to see if i can improve upon the amp. krell 400xi integrated, with an esoteric front end. living in a condo so size heat matters. looking at ss bryston 4bsst2, belles 350 a2, ayre vx, hegel 4e, gamut 200i etc. you get the picture. any experience with this topic is appreciated. (i know it has come up before but the situation i have is somewhat different.) thanks
Call Mike at TweekGeek and see if you can home demo a pair of Acoustic Imagery Atsah monoblocks. Small, quiet, powerful, high input impedance, low power consumption and highly rated Class D. Seems perfect for your situation and the high'ish power needs of the mani 2s. Reviews by 6moons and others, and also basically the same amps as the Merrill Veritas so those check out the Merrill reviews as well, and check out Merrill amps if you like. My recommendation to try Atsah is based on the potential for an in-home risk, just return shipping. If you try them, let us know what you think. Good luck.
they are both domiciled in Montreal and used to voice each other's products and frequently paired together at audio shows.

Totem's own AMBER integrated was a joint development based on SIM AUDIO kit.