Amps for Thiel CS 2.2

Hi, i've

audioquest viper(RCA)
audioquest viper(XLR)
SPK: JBL 4425

i start my instrument with 4425.
At first it sounds metalic high
and loosy bass. After one years
fight, i think it's under my control^ ^'

My taste is ATC, JBL.. etc. But
i wanna experience wide range
modern sound. But i suffered
from hysteric high, i really
worry'bout it. Does my Bat &
Classe will do my wish? ^ ^'
You should obtain good results with your Classe to a point, i.e. there will be a volume above which the sound will harden as you push the Classe above its current produsing capabilities. Depending on the size of your room, this may not be a concern. The only way to go above that volume, if you need it, will be to trade up for amore powerful amp with the Thiels, preferably an amp that doubles its output as the impedance of the speaker load is halved. This is required due to the low dips in impedance at some frequencies with the Thiels. But the 2.2s are great speakers. Levinson, Krell, Rowland are three I can think of that will supply the needed current if you need to play them louder and with less harshness and better bass than with the CA100.
don't ditch the jbl4425's for thiels
JBL makes junk. Inaccurate, time incoherent and phase inaccurate. Loses timbre all over the place.

Thiels and Vendersteens are the ONLY speakers worth listening to, that is if you care about them reproducing accurately the signal fed them.
"JBL makes junk. Inaccurate, time incoherent and phase inaccurate. Loses timbre all over the place."

That is opinionated crap. Some of the worst speakers i've heard are Vendersteens, but at least I'll qualify it with the fact that it's my opinion.

I'm quite sure that the sheep who disparage JBL have heard only a fraction of their past and present lines. Like anything, there's considerable variance in quality from one model to the next. Bottom line JBL was the gold standard in studio monitoring in past eras, and their classic models are still used and valued in serious professional applications.

Incidentally I've heard many of the top end audiophile speakers and my opinions are not those of someone with a JBL bias.