Amps for Tannoy Stirling SE

Help…Witch Amp for Tannoy Stirling SE?
I can use like Pream Luxman CL 35 MKIII.
It’s a better solution and Integrated?

What about Leben CS300? It’s this too small to drive these speakers?
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I use quicksiler 6c33c triode monoblocks to great effect with my Tannoy Kensingtons. They are not in production though. I have heard the mid mono's at $2000 a pair and they were great. Both amps are 50 watts.
Recommended wattage for the Tannoy Sterling's is listed as 30-150. I do really like the Leben VERY much, top build quality! The CS300 is rated at 12 watts w/el34. My friend has the Leben CS600, which is rated at 28/el34 or 32/6l6gc. If you are sold on Leben, I don't blame you, go/w CS600.
Thank you for the answer....

The quicksiler 6c33c is not to easy to find.
I want an audition before buying . Now I'm using the Acuuphase P300 and C230,but in my opinion doesn't match with Tannoy.With my another Pream Luxman CL35 MKIII the sound it's natural,but it's missing ...
For this reason I don't want to buy before audition and after try to resell.I'm to poor to do another experiments.

Leben CS600 can be one of them. I'm in Ontario and the Leben Dealer it's in Montreal.But 500km....I'll GO if I don't have another opportunity to find one in Ontario!

What about Sudgen?Mcintosh?...ETC....WITCH?

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I'm using a Tri-japan 300b integrated 18watt single ended to great effect with my Kensington SE. I'm convinced Tannoy prestige range is more about the quality of power rather than amount. They love valve and in particular Class A / single ended too.
Not sure about Stirling but I'm sure youll get a great sound from the Leben. I have also listened to an Almarro single-ended 20watt 6c33c integrated and was really impressed by the synergy.
It all comes down to personal preference. I'm a sucker for 300b, el34 Kt66 and kt88 valves because they are all audio designed tubes. I find the power and transmitter tubes a bit drier in sound and tone but the trade off is speed and bottom end.
Jota HC
Thanks for advices…I decided to go with Sudgen SE21.I hope it’s a good match.
I purchased one for audiogon last weekend.I hope I’ll receive in good condition after shipping.
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