Amps for revel salon 2

 My highly modified antique sound lab hurricanes seem to run out of steam looking at solid-state classe omega or Levinson 33h anyone have experience with these amplifiers running the speakers  any suggestions would be welcome 
BUMP, Levinson amps are used during the design and revels sound comparison testing so I wouldn't dismiss them, in fact mine were demoed on the big ML 400 watt monoblocks and sounded stunning! However being on a budget I kept the Hegel h360 I used to drive my salon1's and while the sound isn't as rich as the ML combo it is pretty good.
If you read Stereophile, the Theta Promethus were used, and its worth a read, I was going to suggest citadel 1.5s (I am curious as to the pairing myself) with salon2
So what did you do? Still thinking?