Amps for revel salon 2

 My highly modified antique sound lab hurricanes seem to run out of steam looking at solid-state classe omega or Levinson 33h anyone have experience with these amplifiers running the speakers  any suggestions would be welcome 
I'm a dealer so I need to first promote the idea that if you can find a dealer that knows system matching like the old days when people know what music sounds like I would rely on them because a good dealer is better than buying cheap on line any day.  But I know that is hard to find anymore.

The Revel's are more forward in the highs so stay away from Levinson It would be the high end equivalent to matching Yamaha with Klipsch.

Claase is closer but it is still Brand Name male jewelry. Plus Classe over protects their amps so you only get half the power out before it goes into protection.

I'm not a dealer of the following but the big VTL Votons. If you can find a used pair of NRG mono blocks, The big MBL's Older Symphonic Line. Pilinius.

What I do sell or have used.  The best amps ever made but out of business. Essence Jasper Mono Blocks.  I had a used pair of Classe Omicrons in 4 years ago and the Essence made the Classe sound like an Adcom 545.

What I also sell that you would like. Doshi Audio, they are tube but they power the big Wilson's with no problem, John Hillig of Musical Design heavily hot rods a pair of Hafler 500's and you wouldn't recognize them. Sweet, open, and powerful and quiet. 
Levinson known to have a good synergy with Revel. But I would recommend going with high current amps like plinius sb301 or pass labs 350.8 or pass labs 260.8 monos.
When I auditioned Salon 2s, Levinson sounded nice on them with small-scale and acoustic music, but lacked punch on orchestral music and rock.  

When I got my own pair,  I first used the Plinius SB301 with them, and it was a really nice match.   The Symphonic Line Kraft 250s I have now took them to a whole different level - as they should, for the price.  But the Plinius amp was damned good...
 Parasound JC 1s drive my Salon 2's.
Several good suggestions here...adding alongside something like the Pass 250.8 should be Dan D'Agostino as well as Jeff Rowland....all have great synergy with Revel.  Additionally, I've had a couple opportunities to hear the most current iteration of Mark Levinson gear and think it would be a good match as well...did not seem at all forward to me.  The new ML 536 monos were designed with the Salon2's in mind and come with a high recommendation Kevin Voecks the Salon2 designer.  

My personal recommendation would be to look closely at Jeff Rowland....either the 625S2 stereo or 725 monos.  I am driving Revel F208's with a 625 and cannot say enough good things about Jeff's electronics.  
Try the Bryston or Mcintosh amps.
Spectral DMA 180's = perfection.
BUMP, Levinson amps are used during the design and revels sound comparison testing so I wouldn't dismiss them, in fact mine were demoed on the big ML 400 watt monoblocks and sounded stunning! However being on a budget I kept the Hegel h360 I used to drive my salon1's and while the sound isn't as rich as the ML combo it is pretty good.
If you read Stereophile, the Theta Promethus were used, and its worth a read, I was going to suggest citadel 1.5s (I am curious as to the pairing myself) with salon2
So what did you do? Still thinking?