Amps For Revel F52?

I've just ordered a set of Revel F52's, and am looking at amplificarion options. What do people think of Parasound A51 v. Bryston 4B v. Anthem P2? Would something like a Krell 250 used be a better choice? Are there other choices in the same ballpark that would be a better choice?
I liked the Bel Canto REF1000s when I was driving Revel F50s. The Revels come alive with power.
These speakers are very power hungry. I'm using an Odyssey Dual Mono with success. I wouldn't recommend anything less than 150watts per side.
light a fire underneath them that's for sure....i had the f 30's and my 100watt levinson int wasn't enough...i haven't heard the choices that you listed, but i currently use a 400 watt mac and that will get them to rock...brent
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I use the F52s with a Mccormack DNA-1, and it does well, although I am under the impression that more quality power will only enhance.
I am considering the Channel Islands D-200 with these speakers. Any comments?