Amps for Proac D48R

Hello,My system used:
Drive Accustic arts drive one , Audio Research Dac8, Tube preamps VK-52SE Bat, Tube amps  VK-150SE BAT and kubala emotion speaker cable, Speaker Proac D48R but the sound too noise for bass.
I need advice for a power amps and speaker cable for the Proac D48R all the system can drive for proac D48R
Around 10 years ago I had a pair of Proac Response 5's, BAT VK 50se, BAT VK 500 and Nordost Valhalla cables. Neutral preamp, warm amp, lean detailed cables.....the bass was deep and controlled and overall sound was very good.
@keithandy ,You do not specify a budget for the amp or the speakers.I have the ProAc D48R and drive them using a Parasound A21 amplifier. You might want to looks into Parasounds's newer amplfiers or something from Pass.I use Clear Day double gunshot speaker cables bu thinking of upgrading to Inakustik Ls-1204 speaker cables. BTW, how long have you been using the D48Rs?
Hi milpai! Before I used Merlin VSM-X and Thiel SS2 Subwoofer. My Sub problem I just upgrade Proac D48R, the sound problem for base too noise, I think my amps Bat is not work for Proac because it is 150W doesn't enough power for Speaker.  
Hi Ron 17. I think your right kubala emotion cable not work for proac because kubala too big cable made too much base, I used cadac clear Rev1 for interconnect . Nordost Valhalla cables will less base 
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I have and have had Proac 2.5 3.5 3.8 d38 d48 d80 d100

I have tried various amps and I always end up being very pleased with most Brystons - so the more you can afford, just go up the Bryston range.
Hi I want to change the amps Pass labs 350.8 but I don't know it is ok for Proac D48R
Proac makes their own speaker cable that will work well with the D48's. If you are near New Jersey you should contact John Rutan at the Audio Connection in Verona NJ. He knows how to make the Proacs sing. Good Luck!
I’m running my D-30R with a Pass Labs XA30.8. No issues what soever with plenty of oomph in reserve. The D-48R’s are pretty efficient so you shouldn’t need a whole lot of power. They do need space to do their thing though so that might explain some of the issues your having.
Good luck
@keithandy ,What are your room dimensions? How far are the D48Rs from the front and side walls? I recently found that in my 19X15X8 room, if the ProAcs are 6 foot from back wall, and 42" from side walls, their bass was slightly lean than. So last week I moved them back about 10" (to back wall) and 3.5" to the side wall. Boom...the tight bass and weight magically appeared.
Can you try to experiment with the placement? Yes, it can take up to an hour to experiment, but it is worth the effort.