Amps for Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamp

Anyone find an amp/amps that mate particularly well with the Dialogue Premium Pre...?

You really need to match the amp(s) to your speakers, more than the preamp.  What speakers do you have?
Thanks, Mofi. Monitor Audio PL200 are my speaks. 
I found the Stereophile review of these speakers:

The reviewer found the recommended power was at least 100 watts per channel. He used a SimAudio W-7 and a Primaluna Prologue Seven.

Are you interested in tube or solid state?  And what kind of budget do you have in mind?
Thank you..!

Very cool.

Solid state - budget prob up to $3,500 used or new.
Here would my choices.  Just my opinion, but I do have extensive knowledge and experience with all these choices.

1.  Parasound JC-1 Mono.  These would be a little more than your budget used.  Around $4000-$4500, but well worth the extra money.

2.  Belles 350A Reference.  Around $2500 used.

3. Odyssey Stratos Monos.  Around $2000-$2500 used.

4,  Parasound A21.  New $2495, used around $1800.

5.  Odyssey Stratos Plus or Extreme.  Around $800-$1400 used.

You could look for a used SimAudio W5 or W7.  The reviewer really liked the W7 with your speakers.   Not sure how much they are used.
Much appreciated..!